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Guide To South Beach

Miami Beach has so many restaurants and tons of attractions. It is hard to figure out which things to do and places to dine at are good. On our South Beach Guide we have selected some of the best places you can’t leave Miami Beach without trying. Read Full Story


Guide To Little Havana

Little Havana in Miami is a unique neighborhood rich in culture. Here is where you find some of the most authentic Cuban cuisine, get to know the neighborhood behind the scenes, Read A Guide To Little Havana


Guide To Coconut Grove

Strolling down Coconut Grove is something everyone should experience when visiting Miami. There is a lot of history and has a feeling of an old and friendly neighborhood. Learn what to do in Coconut grove by visiting our Coconut Grove Guide


Guide To The Design District/Wynwood Area

It is hard to know where to go dining as some of the best places are hidden, you many not even realize that you can have great Greek cuisine or enjoy a secret gallery stroll. Design District/Wynwood Guide


Wall’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream

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For being a city with such enticing and blistering weather, Miami is lacking when it comes to Ice Cream parlors. You would think that the year-round sun and lack of a distinguished winter season would make people crave refreshing treats all the time. Sadly, this is not the case. Because of it, people that do want ice cream have to settle for multi-national chains like Cold Stone or Marble Slab. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to turn my nose at creations from these stores, but nothing beats going out to a local parlor and indulging in a properly prepared sundae. Thankfully, we do have a few. And by few I mean one or two, and they are separate enough from each other where they don’t even have to compete for costumers.

The first one I would like to bring up is Wall’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream; a family owned and operated business selling local ice cream and homemade fudge.  Heading to Wall’s is like stepping into the past, as the tiny all-white location forces you to park on a dirt lot and sit on the outdoor stone tables. Classic cartoons like old-school Mickey Mouse are on constant replay projected on the walls, and murals of circuses decorate the rest of the building providing a sense of nostalgia. The service is friendly and not rushed, allowing you to sample as much of the ice cream as you would like. I typically come here for a two-scoop cone. The massive softball-sized scoops are enough to satisfy my ice cream craving, but for those looking for a more indulgent treat, they offer sundaes using their homemade cookies and brownies or banana splits. The local ice cream is thick and creamy, leading to the impression that it is of high quality. The flavors offered are a bit more creative than what you would expect in such an old-school type of place, with the selection including things like cinnamon or mamey.

Along with the ice cream, they offer homemade fudge. I think I can name the places that offer fudge in Miami with one hand, so the fact that this is even a consideration is a major draw for me. The fudge is properly prepared and a large variety of flavors are provided, making this a must-stop for me when in the area.

Wall’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream has my heart for offering me a taste of my childhood. Although it is true that I am limited in my choices when it comes to a local ice cream parlor, I can confidently say that Wall’s would be at the top of my list even if there were more places around. It may be my emotions speaking, but I think my loyalty for Wall’s will stay with me for life.

Wall’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream

8075 SW 67th Ave. Miami, Florida 33143

By food blogger, Santiago Cardona

Devon Seafood and Steak New lunch menu

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New lunch menu offered every Saturday

Since opening in January 2013, boutique seafood & steakhouse Devon Seafood + Steak has become a revered local eatery known for sizzling prime steaks and fresh ocean fare. With its bountiful menu served in a casually stylish setting, executive chef Drew Hall is giving patrons a new reason to indulge in the Kendall’s hot dining and lounge destination. To help alleviate the weekend shopping blues, Devon Seafood + Steak is now serving lunch every Saturday, from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The innovative à-la-carte menu will offer quick and hearty options, ideal for Saturday afternoon outings. Soup and Salad offerings include spicy creole gumbo ($8); grilled salmon panzanella ($15) with spinach, Montrachet goat cheese, balsamic roasted onions, vine ripe tomatoes, basil oil and balsamic vinaigrette; lobster cobb salad ($19) with watercress, arugula, baby spinach, tomato, applewood smoked bacon, white cheddar, avocado, corn, red onion, sweet potato shoestrings drizzled with tarragon ranch dressing; and mesquite grilled tenderloin salad ($17) with grilled romaine, red onion, corn, gorgonzola, tomato and buttermilk blue dressing. The selection of savory Sandwiches features Achiote fish tacos ($13) with avocado, chipotle crema, corn tortilla, mango and jicama; Creek Stone Farms black Angus burger ($10) with sharp cheddar, lettuce and tomato served on an egg bun; and the restaurant’s signature mini New England lobster rolls ($14) made with butter toasted sweet rolls, chilled lobster salad and watercress.

Devon’s succulent selection of Mains includes almond-crusted tilapia ($15.50) with orange beurre blanc, grilled asparagus and seasonal berries; chipotle grilled shrimp enchiladas ($14) with sweet corn-jalapeño crêpes, corn-black bean relish, jicama lime salad and pico de gallo; jumbo lump crab cakes ($24) with creole remoulade, mango tartar sauce, whipped Yukon gold potatoes and grilled asparagus; and a seafood twist on an old favorite lobster mac n’ cheese ($14) with white truffle bread crumbs. Carnivores can still get their meat on, with Chef Hall’s signature cuts including 8 oz. flat iron steak & frites ($25) served with sweet potato fries and ancho chili butter; 6 oz. center cut filet ($28); and for the ambitious diner, the petite filet combo ($24) offers a surf & turf combination of 4 oz.petite filet, tempura fried shrimp, seared sea scallops and jumbo crab cakes. All steak plates are served with a choice of two Sides ($3.50), ranging from parmesan-herb roasted potatoes; a hearty lemon asparagus risotto; roasted cauliflower with bacon and onion jam; to Devon’s signature lobster mac n’ cheese ($4.50).

Decadent Desserts include the popular cookie box ($5) containing lemon ricotta, chocolate brownie and vanilla bean shortbread cookies, and almond-chocolate tuiles; apple croustade ($7.50) with cinnamon ice cream, bourbon-maple syrup; pecan waffle ($7.50) with Bananas Foster sauce and rum raisin ice cream; mixed fresh berries with crème anglaise and chocolate almond tuile; and the quintessential Florida key lime pie ($7.50) served with roasted pinapple-Maraschino relish and refreshing mango sorbet.

Devon Seafood + Steak partners with quality fishmongers and artisan producers to ensure only the highest-quality ingredients are used in the restaurant. Devon purchases select prime steaks from Jackman Wagyu Beef Ranch in South Florida and works with the dayboat program at Lynn Brother’s Seafood out of St. Marks, Florida to source sustainable seafood. Such high standards in sourcing quality ingredients are implemented throughout the concept’s multiple locations which include Chicago, IL; Milwaukee, WI; Philadelphia and Hershey, PA.

Devon Seafood + Steak is located at 11715 Sherri Lane, inside The Palms at Town & Country Mall, in Kendall. Abundant free parking is available. Lunch is offered every Saturday, 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hours of operation for dinner: 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Thursday; 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday; and 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday. Sunday Brunch is available from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Reservations can be made online and via phone. Telephone: (305) 275-0226; Website: www.devonseafood.com.


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The past couple of years have seen very specific fads when it comes to gastronomy. From bacon, to cupcakes, to foie gras, it can be safe to say that sometimes people choose what they eat more because it’s the popular thing to do than because it is what they truly want. Being somewhat akin to a fashion trend, these movements tend to dissipate over time with no one giving them a second thought again.

One of the food movements that are currently taking place throughout the country is that of juicing. Miami is the perfect city to adopt such movement, since its inhabitants are constantly concerned with their appearance and health levels. Juicing provides the body with the nutrients and vitamins it needs through natural processes, using nothing but natural ingredients to provide fuel. There are different methods of making the juices, but it is indisputable that the way that produces a product with most nutrients is that of cold pressing. Through this process, a juice contains more than 5 times as many nutrients as a juice produced in another manner. Jugofresh adopts this method of juicing, which is why their juice is different than anything else in the market.

JugoFresh is a Miami based company offering cold pressed juices to customers in an effort to provide the city with nothing but the best ingredients. Everything is made daily in-house, which yields fresh and delicious results. Let’s get this out of the way; yes, it’s pricey, but that price is extremely justified because of their methods. Because they use cold pressing methods, they must use more produce. And the fact that they are committed to being fully sustainable and organic leads to the price increase. Still, I have not met one person that has regretted paying as much as they have for a juice coming from JugoFresh.

Although juicing is a current fad overtaking the country, you can tell that JugoFresh is exceptionally passionate about its craft and sees it more as a lifestyle than just something to do because it is popular. They become immersed with their clientele and try to educate them on how they should maintain their diets and make recommendations based on what results people are looking for. This type of service makes for repeat customers, and you can definitely see that it is paying off. Walking into JugoFresh, you are sure to find a line with people eagerly waiting for their drinks. I have sampled a couple of the juices and can say that I have been impressed with every single one. Not only does JugoFresh offer nourishing drinks, but they also make sure that their stuff is mighty tasty.

I know I said that juicing is a craze, but JugoFresh has me hoping that this is something that actually sticks. It’s good for the body, it’s delicious, and it promotes sustainable responsibility. JugoFresh has been expanding throughout the city, and I wish them the best. They have left me awed with their company’s philosophical views, and I hope to continue supporting them for many years to come.


JugoFresh Wynwood Walls

222 nw 26th st. miami, fl 33127

By food blogger, Santiago Cardona

Tequila Casa Dragones

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Small Batch, Handcrafted, 100% Blue Agave Silver Tequila, Ideal for Cocktails

MIAMI, FL – Tequila Casa Dragones, the celebrated independent tequila producer, is set to launch its first silver tequila in the United States – Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco – in May 2014. Made with 100% pure blue agave, Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco addresses the market’s need for an ultra-premium smooth silver tequila suitable for cocktails and maintains Casa Dragones’ unrivaled focus on elevating the tequila category through handcrafted, exceptionally pure, small batch distilling.

Casa Dragones Blanco builds on the success of Casa Dragones Joven, the critically acclaimed pure sipping tequila launched in 2009. Like the Joven, Casa Dragones Blanco is exceptionally smooth and perfect to drink on its own, and is suitable for cocktails as well. Retailing at $75 per bottle, Casa Dragones Blanco will expand Casa Dragones’ reach to a broader audience.

Casa Dragones Blanco had its initial launch in Mexico on March 20, 2014 and will be previewed in select U.S. markets, including South Florida, beginning May 2014.

“Our mission is to push the boundaries of what has been done before, and to be one of the primary tequila producers dedicated to shaping the future of our industry,” says Bertha Gonzales Nieves, co-founder and CEO of Tequila Casa Dragones and the world’s first female Maestra Tequilera. “With Casa Dragones Blanco we are creating a handcrafted Blanco tequila for a much broader audience that delivers the highest possible quality through meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled focus on purity.”

“Casa Dragones Joven has been so successful that we’re ready to introduce our next tequila – a Blanco,” said Bob Pittman, co-founder of Tequila Casa Dragones. “Casa Dragones Blanco is our response to connoisseurs who have been asking for a silver tequila that is as smooth as our Joven but which can be used in high-end cocktails and as a mixer.”

To celebrate and launch Casa Dragones Blanco, Tequila Casa Dragones has collaborated with James Beard Award recipient and acclaimed mixologist Jim Meehan (New York City’s P.D.T.) to create a flight of signature Blanco cocktails.

“It’s an honor to help introduce a product as refined and modern as Casa Dragones Blanco, and I’ve created cocktails inspired by the subtlety of the tequila that reinforce the brand’s elegance,” said Meehan. “Tequila Casa Dragones’ unique position in the market – and its unparalleled style – has elevated the entire tequila category and I’m truly excited by the opportunity to work with an ultra-premium silver tequila that professionals will admire and that cocktail fans will love.”

An independent small batch tequila company, Tequila Casa Dragones produces no more than 400 cases at a time to maintain the quality and attention to detail for which it is known. Each bottle of Casa Dragones Blanco will be hand-signed with the batch number written on every label; it will retail for $75.

For pre-orders, please contact preorders@casadragones.com


The agaves for Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco are harvested 1,200 meters above sea level within the Eje Volcanico Transversal (Trans-Mexican Volcanic belt) in Tequila, Jalisco, one of the richest agricultural lands on earth. The dark, fertile volcanic soil, abundant with minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and silicium, produces the ideal agaves for the signature taste of Casa Dragones.

The water used to produce Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco is exceptionally pure spring water that originates from the Volcano of Tequila, in the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. As it travels from atop the volcano into the 70-meter deep natural aquifers or underground wells, the water gathers essential minerals from the volcano’s rich soil. Casa Dragones goes one step further, extracting fresh water for each new batch and taking it through a proprietary process to deliver the perfect mineral balance for a refined, crisp tasting Blanco.

Custom Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco Cocktail Recipe by Jim Meehan:

White Dragon

A modern twist on a classic Margarita with Cointreau and lemon

1.75 oz. Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco

.75 oz. Cointreau

.75 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

Egg white

Shake without ice. Add ice, shake and fine strain

Twist an orange peel over the glass and discard


“Excellent Sobe food tour”

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The food tour is excellent! Mirka does a fantastic job describing the different food and the local architecture. We can not wait to do one of the other food tours!

by FredHS took tour on Tue, Apr 22  

Great City Overview of Food, History and Architecture

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This tour was a great mix of eating amazing food, hearing lots of information about Miami the history of Miami “then” and now as we walked, and enjoying the Art Deco architecture of several buildings while hearing about the symbolism in the design. Our guide was a wealth of information and was very energetic about her job which made the tour even better. The food portions were large and one drink was included – aside from water at all the stops. We also were able to sit down at several of the stops. Included in the tour was a stop in two hotels for architecture purposes, a stop in one hotel for a beach view photo op, and stops on several street corners to hear about history/architecture. The tour was a perfect length of time and seemed to go by quickly. I’d definitely recommend this tour for locals and visitors to SoBe.


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When looking for lunch around Midtown and Design District, these are the places you should consider for affordable and quality eats.

Harry’s Pizzeria

By the people who brought you Michael’s Genuine, Harry’s Pizzeria is a casual restaurant that takes pride in using nothing but the freshest and most local ingredients to serve you upscale versions of pizza. The result is delicious pies in a comfortable atmosphere that is easy on the wallet.
3918 N Miami Ave Miami, FL 33127


Sakaya Kitchen

Chef Richard Hales was a pioneer in providing a fusion of American and Korean food in Miami a few years ago with Sakaya Kitchen. Items like Spicy cheesey kalbi beef tater tots and honey orange baby back ribs with Ginger brussel sprouts and Thai jasmine rice offer customers the opportunity to enjoy comfort food with a twist.
3401 N Miami Ave Ste 125 Miami, FL 33127

Crumb on Parchment

Nice little sandwich shop in a small shopping center in the design district. The natural light coming through the windows and the casual and rustic furniture allow you to experience affordable food in a comforting environment. The cookies here are a must.
3930 NE 2nd Ave, Miami 33137

Salumeria 104

Wonderful italian neighborhood gem serving homemade pasta in an unpretentious setting. Portions are filling and the quality can be tasted through the ingredients used. The accommodating service and quaint spot lead to a very satisfying lunch.
3451 NE 1ST AVE, #104, MIAMI, FL 33137


At Spris, the pizza crust is thin, delicious and the cheese amount is fair enough for the price. Actually, more than fair, the cheese is the perfect balance between dough and topping ratio. They bake it to perfection.
3201 N Miami Ave Ste 102 Miami, FL 33127

Best Places for Brunch Around Midtown and Design District

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These places include an eclectic selection of dishes for Brunch, whether it be for something relatively small or a sizable affair.

La Latina

A new addition to the neighborhood, La Latina is quickly growing in popularity as THE place in Miami to go to for a taste of scrumptious arepas. The lively colors produced by the paint and the chalkboard wall produce a casual atmosphere and let you focus on what you came here to do: to enjoy the cheese and meat stuffed arepa in front of you.
3509 NE 2nd Ave.

Angelina’s Coffe and Juice

Angelina’s is notorious for serving some of the best omelletes in the area. You basically get to choose which three fillings you want and the kitchen wraps your fluffy eggs around your ingredients of choice until the omelette is about to burst. They are simple while exuding decadence in an elegant format. They serve Panther coffee, a locally roasted bean just down the street in Wynwood.
3451 NE 1st Ave #102B, Miami, FL 33137

Buena Vista Deli

Quiche. That’s pretty much all that should be on your mind when you go to Buena Vista Deli. Get the Goat Cheese & Mushroom variety and thank me later. I know they say real men don’t eat quiche, but the quiche at this place is so good that I don’t even care.
4590 NE 2nd Ave

B Sweet Coffee

Hidden jewel of the Design District with homemade pastries baked right in the back. A couple run this little bistro and they are both very welcoming, making one feel as if you were in their home. We recommend the Nutella Almond Croissant or any of their classic french pastries.
20 NE 41 St Miami, FL 33137

Michael’s Genuine

If there is one spot that you should visit in Miami for brunch, it should be Michael’s. Savory items like the Duck Confit Hash and the Kimchi Benedict highlight the restaurants loyalty to serving nothing but the most local and sustainable ingredients that you can get in the city. The stars of the menu include everything created by Hedy Goldsmith, one of best pastry chef’s in the Southern United States. Her desserts and baked items make this a must-stop when in the area.
130 NE 40th St Miami, FL 33137

Top Free Things To Do in Little Havana

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You don’t have to spend money to experience what the neighborhood has to offer. Here are the top free things to do in Little Havana.

Domino Park

Domino Park, also known as Maximo Gomez Park, is a landmark in Little Havana and marks the gathering place for the older Cuban culture in Miami as a place to go and play a game or two with friends. At all hours of the day you can find local retired residents playing a game of dominos as well as chess and checkers under shaded pavilions while drinking Cuban coffee and discussing Cuban politics The park is located on the corner of SW 8th Street, Calle Ocho, and 15th Avenue next to the Tower Theater and is open from 9AM – 6PM daily.

Latin Walk of Fame

A collection of stars entrenched in the pavement which signifies specific dedications to the Latin stars that have impacted the culture, community, and traditions. This stretch of sidewalk is known by several different names. The Latin Walk of Fame also known as the Calle Ocho Walk of Fame or Hispanic Hollywood is situated outside of Maximo Gomez Park, Domino Park and runs along Calle Ocho between 12th Avenue and 17th Avenue. The pink marble stars embedded in the sidewalk are constant memories of accomplishments of artist and organizations in the Latin community.

Viernes Culturales

Little Havana’s monthly art and culture festival featuring a variety of activities for all ages takes place on the last Friday of every month. Visitors can enjoy time with friends and family while eating local food, listening to an assortment of music, and being memorized by local art. These festivities are held on a four-block stretch of Calle Ocho (SW 8th Street) between 17th & 13th Avenue from 7PM – 11PM.

Cuban Memorial Boulevard

The Memorial contains several monuments, including statues of heroes such as Jose Martí as well as a memorial honoring the Bay of Pigs Invasion. The flame memorial is always lit as a reminder of the sacrifices the Cuban-American forces made. These tributes can be found around SW 8th St and SW 13th Ave.