Our Food Tours in Miami
beer tasting at wynwood

South Beach Food Tour

When: Twice a day

Time: Lunch: 12:00 PM. Dinner: 5:00 PM.

Food Stops: 5 food stops. Plenty of food is served.

Price: $59. Children $49 (8-13 years old eating)

cuban food in miami

Private Group Tours

When: Daily

Time: Any time that works for your group

Food Stops: 5 food stops. Plenty of food is served.

Price: $59 and up depending on tour

Miami Culinary Tours


Miami Culinary Tours give the “Miami as-melting-pot” concept a new (edible) meaning

Our food tours in Miami are about tasting delicious and authentic cuisine around the city’s historic neighborhoods. We offer several tours including our famous South Beach Food Tour, Little Havana Food Tour and Wynwood Food Tour. To see all the list, please visit food tours. From Cafe Cubano to Peruvian Ceviche to authentic Italian gelato, we bring you everything South Florida’s culinary communities have to offer as well as the culture and tradition behind those doing the cooking. We offer several Miami food tours

A melting pot of cultures, South Florida’s offerings run the gamut — a scene that’s as varied as the communities that make up the area. But where do you go? That’s where we come in.

We organize outings that not only showcase a particular type of cuisine, but also the culture and history behind it, giving tour participants the full story. Our food tours in Miami (which are divided into categories depending on cuisine and neighborhoods) offer foodies (both residents and visitors to the area) a chance to sample delicious and authentic dishes.

We offer a completely different perspective in Miami. As ‘food’ people we know that for foodies, it’s about more than just the dish and the restaurant.

Our tours give people a chance to experience the culture behind food and learn about new places in South Florida through dining. We tell you the story behind the dishes and introduce you to the people who make it — Think of it as a multi-course meal, but instead of staying put at one table in one place, you move around to a variety of venues. Our Miami food tours also put you face to face with the people behind the food.