December 12, 2013

Wine Tastings At Miami Culinary Tours

Private food tours in Miami

Miami Culinary Tours offers Wine Tastings in Miami as part of their food tours

Below are the wines you will expect to try at MCT wine tastings

Torrontes is an Argentinian white-grape wine with a smooth mouthfeel, and moderate acidity. It is highly aromatic, recalling scents of citrus or prunus. Despite the hints of fruit, this wine is dry. It is best paired with strong-tasting foods such as seafood, Thai food, spicy food and smoked meats.

Albarino is Spanish wine made from white grapes. It has a high acidic content accompanied by a light hue. Similar to the Torrontes wine, it is filled with prunus scents such as peaches and apricots. However, it may taste like fresh pineapples or grapefruits. This wine is quite versatile with its food pairings; the usual foods (seafood, Asian food, medium cheeses) are suitable accompaniments, but this wine will usually suit whatever you like.

Malbec is red wine from Chile, produced from the purple Malbec grape. it boasts an intensely dark purple, as well as a noticeably grasping plum smell.
Depending on its aging container, it can also host hints of tobacco, vanilla, cinnamon, and leather. It has a striking fruity taste and sweet tannins. Malbec is best paired with red meats such as beef, lamb and certain types of game. It is also a pleasant complement to spicy foods such as Indian and Mexican dishes.

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