February 17, 2015

Via Verdi


Although Via Verdi claims that the main draw to their restaurant is truffles, I would whole-heartedly disagree. Via Verdi is not giving themselves enough credit, as their Northern Italian cuisine is as authentic and delightful as you are inclined to encounter in MiMo and maybe even Miami as a whole. Just like most recent inclusions to the Miami dining scene, Via Verdi boasts about its use of high quality ingredients, but I would go on to say that their dedication to authenticity puts them above the competition. Cheeses and charcuterie from Italy is not uncommon at Via Verdi, along with a stellar wine list that accompanies the rest of the menu well. Pasta is made in house, and ingredients are sourced locally.

The truffle mushroom found on many of their specials embodies this concept, as it comes as one of the most regional (and expensive) ingredients in the world. In case you’re wondering, truffle is a rare wild mushroom that is foraged through the use of trained dogs or pigs. Truffles taste somewhat garlicky with a deep musky aroma. It's a very earthy, pungent and deliciously funky. Although this is how I would describe truffles, I feel like my description does a disservice to them, as it is a taste that cannot be compared to anything else. When used in the right amount, it adds a touch of sophistication, richness, and distinctness that cannot be replicated. Via Verdi has mastered the use of truffle (not an easy thing to do), which only furthers my claim that they are legitimately one of the most under-represented restaurants in Miami.

Owned by three ambitious Italians, Via Verdi is a breath of fresh air when it comes to affordable and authentic Italian cuisine in Miami. For some reason, it has become a norm in this city to either offer affordable American Italian or pricey authenticity. Fabrizio Carro and Cristiano Vezzoli believed that authentic and affordable were not mutually exclusive, thus leading to the creation of Via Verdi. The passion being exuded by the two gentlemen goes above that of typical restaurant owners, as you can see that they make it a point to create a home in their restaurant. Although most restaurateurs open concepts in hopes of achieving a sense of hominess, few are as genuine as that being given in Via Verdi.

A large section of the menu is labeled as “Assagi,” or what the staff described to us as small plates. Composed of various cheeses, salumi, and various cooked bites, this is similar to what some restaurants offer as charcuterie boards. Although the quality and freshness of all the items were superior, I would recommend Polpettine, focaccia breaded veal meatballs in arrabiatta sauce. The fried meatballs achieved a crisp exterior that gave way to a juicy and tender exterior, avoiding the dreaded compactness that most meatballs suffer from. Served on top of a spicy arrabiatta sauce, it provided a sense of freshness from the heavy and indulgent veal. The Truffle Pizza, topped with taleggio cheese and porcini mushrooms, is finished with close to 3 oz of shaved black truffle, adding a sort of refinement that is usually non-existent in pizza. The amount of truffle is generous but restrained enough to not be overwhelming, giving the perfect sense of modification that you didn’t know was missing in pizza.

Via Verdi is truly one of Miami’s hidden gems. Their dedication to authenticity and quality products is admirable, giving you an experience that is difficult, and maybe even impossible, to replicate in any other restaurant in Miami. Although their claim to the best truffles in Miami may be true, you’d have a memorable experience here even if you stayed away from the fabled ‘shroom.

Via Verdi

6900 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138
(786) 615-2870

By food editor, Santiago Cardona

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