August 03, 2014

Toscana Divino

toscana divino

Walking into Toscana Divino, you can get a sense of what dining in Italy may feel like. The prices are affordable, the food is classically simple and tasty, and the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant. This restaurant offers what I believe to be the best choice for Italian dining in the Brickell area. Although there may not be too much competition around these parts, Toscana Divino still manages to set itself apart by serving downright tasty food. The fact that it is authentic Italian is a plus, and being of value makes this a must-try when in Brickell.

If it were your first time, I would recommend the fixed price meals. They offer a value that is arguably the best bang for your buck in this neighborhood. Just like every other fixed price meal, you get your choice of appetizer, entrée, and dessert, but Toscana Divino actually puts thought into offering something that is not a half-assed attempt to just get in through the doors. Instead, Toscana’s menus are well thought out and give you a sense of what the restaurant has to offer. True, you may not be able to get the restaurant’s best dishes through these offers, but the choices are still delectable and expertly prepared.

The pasta made in house is the way to go when eating at Toscana Divino, especially the Handrolled Pici with braised duck ragu and pecorino cheese. Although the portion is not of abundant size, it is enough to satiate a hungry person. The fact that the braised duck ragu is hearty makes up for the lack of size, and the nutty pecorino cheese only adds to the indulgent dish. Even though the ragu contains duck (an extremely fatty and heavy meat), the acidity added by the tomatoes brings down the overwhelming nature of the protein, making for a delightful entrée.

Although I am quite fond of the prices and food, I have always felt like the service leaves much to be desired. The staff seems to give little importance to costumers and go through the motions, giving the impression that you are just there to eat instead of for an experience. Personally, I go out to eat for the full package, and somewhat spotty service has led me away from Toscana Divino on numerous occasions. It seems like the servers seem to take advantage of the fact that the restaurant is popular and generally has a crowd, which is a shame since the food is so good. Though this may be the case, I continue to frequent Toscana Divino since everything else happens to be to my liking.

Toscana Divino

900 S Miami Ave

Miami, FL 33130

(305) 371-2767

By Santiago Cardona

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