April 21, 2016


colombian food in miami

Amazing beaches, fun atmosphere and great night life; these are some of the things Miami and Colombia have in common. Luckily for us, another thing these two share is amazing and delicious Colombian food. So in this list, we will show you the Top 5 Colombian Restaurants in Miami.


First of, we have 'La colina comidas rapidas'. Great food at a good price, this Colombian fast food joint was established in 2003 and it has been a local favorite for many years. The perfect place for a casual night out with friends or family.

Though it may not look like the best spot at first glance, once you go in and start tasting their delicious perros, (hot dogs), believe me when I tell you, you are definitely going to ask yourself “Why haven't I eaten here every single day of my life?!”. It is also open until 2am and offers delivery.

Some of their most famous dishes include: perros (colombian hot dogs), tequenos, patacones and arepas rellenas.

Justin V. from Miami said that you should definitely go in and 'give it a shake' and May A. also from Miami said that this Colombian restaurant can be addicting. And we can say that we totally agree with them!


If you are looking for a place to give you a genuine latino/colombian feeling, this is your spot.

Loved by locals and visitors, this diner has everything you would expect a colombian restaurant to have: charming ambience, great food, amazing service and family owned.

Because it only has bar seating it's not really made for big groups, but it's good for small families or a small group of friends, and even if you want to go and enjoy a meal by yourself. Though you'll never be truly alone in a friendly and inviting place like this one.

A great thing about 'Mi Colombia' is that they're also open in the mornings if you are in need of some tasty, traditional breakfast.

One of their costumes Charanjeet S. from Minneapolis said that he wished he lived in Miami so e could eat here every day. Us locals are so lucky to live near this place!


Atruly sweet name for this sweet restaurant. 'Pueblito Viejo' is a great restaurant that offers a full bar, music, dancing, and everything you need to experience a fun colombian night but in Miami.

Great for big groups looking for exciting nights or for couples looking for a different kind of date.

Don't be scared about all the decorations on the walls and ceiling, is part of their charm.

The food is very typical and delicious. Their Churrasco with Chimichurri is something that you have to order when you come here, and the Chicharron my personal favorite.

Jonathan R. from Hialeah, FL, said to us that the shows, and the food actually make you feel like you are in Colombia. And Rachel R, from Miami Beach said that by far the best food she's ever eaten is in this restaurant!


'Bolivar' is simply a great dining experience. A trendy restaurant/club with a combination of different South American, especially Colombian, influences.

The staff is exceptional and the food is even better. Perfect for a night out or a date, 'Bolivar' mixes a very modern ambience with the rustic and traditional feeling of amazing Colombian food.

They have patacones, bandeja paisa, empanadas and the one dish I recommend the most, Eche Ceviche.

Not because this restaurant has a very loung.y feeling means that it's only good for dinner, 'Bolivar' is also a nice spot for a laid back brunch.

George M. came all the way from Manhattan, NY to Miami. At first he thought this place would be a little bit “too much” and he expected it to be very touristy. He was very plased when he found many locals dining here, and he was very glad he gave it a try, his food was incredible!


“Cute little warm Colombian restaurant that always tastes authentic” is how Mariam S. described 'La Ventana'.

This spot has been in South Beach for many years and it's considered one of the best Colombian restaurants in the area, loved by both locals and visitors from all over the country.

Make sure you come here with an appetite because their meals are big and so tasty that you'll want to eat the entire thing even if you are already completely full. Some of their specialties include, patacones, picada colombiana and bandeja paisa, all very typical Colombian dishes.

But the one I recommend and like the most is Perro Colombiano, a colombian style hot dog topped with cheese, pineapple sauce, pink sauce and potatoe chips.

Friendly staff that makes you feel at home, good food, a nice ambience and they're also open for breakfast! What's there not to love about this place?



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