April 04, 2013

The Famous Cuban Place Will Now Be A Beloved Stop In The Miami Culinary Tours South Beach Tour (lunch Tour)

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Lario’s Added Onto South Beach Food Tour (Lunch Tour)

Miami, April 3 2013 - Miami Culinary Tours is keeping their commitment to showcasing South Beach’s fantastic food scene and multicultural background by adding on Lario’s to their lunch tour. The Cuban place is famed for it’s mojitos, authentic cuban cuisine and owner Gloria Estefan.

Lario’s is well beloved by locals and tourists alike. With it’s fantastic outdoor scenery, charming oak wood interior and a live band on the weekend Havana rhythms and flavors will be running through your veins.

Tourists have revered the restaurant. One visitor had this to say, “Took my wife on her first trip to South Beach and we hit a homerun with Larios on a Saturday night. We loved the food and service and sitting outside along the street made for great entertainment.” A Georgian woman got her first taste of Cuban food here claiming, “Delicious. It was one of the best meals of the trip.”

With this kind of acclaim it is only natural that food tours would be itching to get Lario’s onto their itinerary. Miami Culinary Tours will now be featuring Papa Rellena in their lunch stop to Lario’s.

Papa Rellena is a popular cuban comfort food and scrumptious on-the-go snack. The little fried ball has a casing of soft mashed potatoes with holding a savory picadillo filling. It is lesser known to those who are not familiar with Cuban culinary secrets but foodies will greatly appreciate this authentic dish.

Miami Culinary Tours markets itself as bringing all the flavors of South Beach into one comprehensive tour and has now added on an additional layer of Cuban flair.

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