April 22, 2015

The District Restaurant On My List of Best in Miami

the district restaurant miami

Nothing compares with a night out at The District restaurant. I love this place because restaurants like this one are the true meaning of local and community.

When I visit the district, I feel welcome and that's because they know what they are doing which is hard to find in Miami if you know what I mean.
I also have a serious passion for American bistros and please don't judge me, I call this place a world inspired American bistro because is my choice to do so.
So we arrived with Paul at 7:30 pm after taking uber ( another addition added to my long list, uber ). As soon as we arrived someone greeted us with a big smile. Instantly we feel welcome. At the end of the day restaurants should be happy that people choose them but sometimes I feel they try to make you feel you are lucky to get to be there.
We sat down and a lovely waiter came right away to the table. I usually never categorize the service as "lovely" but he was just that. Not only he was gracious, experienced but he had the perfect timing on everything, from serving the dishes to approaching the table for more wine. Timing is what I see restaurants struggling the most with but our waiter had it down, he made our evening not just a dinner but a flawless special event and that to me adds to evening so the $60 we left him as a tip was worth every penny.

Now the food. Perfectly prepared from the fish to the lobster tacos to the devil eggs and trust me, I know about devil eggs.

I have to say that I'm reserving my words to talk about their ceviche. Wow. Their ceviche goes into the category of the "best things I ever ate." I felt like standing up and kissing the chef by Paul was there, not a good idea.
It was packed with flavor but the chef respected so well the balance between the ingredients. The fish corvina was fresh and there was a scoop of sorbet in the middle to add a palette brake. It was grapefruit sorbet and then it had a innovative leche de Tigre. I typically don't like the leche de Tigre but the chef seemed to respect that not everyone was raised eating ceviche so he tones down the fish taste on the leche de Tigre. How could a dish with way less calories than everything else can taste so good?! I think that's when you see the craft and true culinary art on part of those doing the cooking. One word for their ceviche, stellar.

Every dish we had respected the traditional ingredients but they all were elevated.

We will be back because The District restaurant celebrates food and respects their patrons. Cheers.

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