wedge salad at Sugarcane

Dish: wedge salad $8 - with blue cheese, tomatoes and bacon

Once again I visited Sugarcane in Midtown Miami this time for lunch. I got lucky because when I arrived there were not many people so I had a server coming right away. I have to add, there are a couple of servers who are so knowledgeable about the menu and I don't know if you noticed but to me that is refreshing in Miami. The salad above (which to me is a piece of art, I was thinking to blow it up on a poster but then that's tacky), but this dish is a delicious piece of art. All the flavors together make up of a refreshing yet light salad although it has blew cheese, the chef is delicate enough to just put the right amount (I don't know you, but I have had wedge salads with mountains of blew cheese and that's not cool). The bacon pieces you see are cooked to perfection and you truly do not feel you are eating fat - is like the bacon without the guilt, they probably do some type of drying because it is crispy yet soft at the same time - oh and the price certainly fits the attraction on this one.

I did not try this dish in its entirely because it was not my order but I got to try some of the chips. AMAZING. Salty, crunchy light potatoes chips. I  could literally envisioned myself (while my friend kept talking) lying on my bed watching the bitches of New Jersey with a popcorn size bucket filled up to the top. Now that's scary.

I know I am not going to win an academy award with this video, but at least you get a feel of how Sugarcane looks inside and you know what to expect.

Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill

3250 Ne 1st Ave
Miami,FL 33127
(786) 369-0353
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Chef de Cuisine: Timon Balloo

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