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From Bean To Bar

I’ll admit I was a bit hesitant before trying Valor’s chocolates. I tend to stay away from sugar-free foods especially when they’re sweetened with sugar substitutes because of the overpowering taste of the sugar substitute. Surprisingly, Valor Chocolates proved me otherwise.

The first bar I tried was the 72% Cocoa Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs (sweetened with Stevia). The taste fully encompasses their slogan - “From bean to bar”. Each bite is filled with tiny pieces of cocoa, adding a delightful crunch. Although it was sweetened with Stevia, I couldn’t taste anything but the rich cocoa. This bar is a perfect treat for anyone who really enjoys dark chocolate - I’ve been a fan of it’s taste since I could remember and the “cocoa nibs” only bettered the experience.

Already in a chocolate euphoria, I opened the 70% Dark Chocolate with Marcona Almonds. These almonds were like no other that I’ve tasted in chocolates. They are sweet in flavor and and their texture is exquisitely delicate. Marcona almonds are exclusive to the Mediterranean, making this a real luxury. Valor Chocolates are actually best known for their incorporation of whole Marcona almonds. I guess I’m not the only one going nuts about these nuts!

Valor Chocolates, based in Villajoyosa, Alicante in the Eastern Coast of Spain by the Mediterranean, was officially founded in 1881 by Valeriano Lopez. The family had been making chocolates in their homes decades prior to establishing the Valor brand so these guys knew what they were doing. With time, old stone mills were replaced with mechanical mills and mules with horse-drawn carriages. Along with these advancements came an increase in production and distribution of these decadent chocolates.

Discovering unique blends and authentic flavors is only one aspect of what holds Valor Chocolates to their name. They use natural and raw materials during production in order to provide a quality chocolate for the world to enjoy.

Valor Chocolates can now be found in over 40 countries and is one of the largest Spanish chocolate companies in the world. Looking to indulge in one of these chocolate bars? You can find them in Publix throughout the Miami, Florida area or visit their webpage


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