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The Food and Travel Expo 2014, held by Taste Trekkers, is an event made for people who plan their vacation around food. This Expo was launched last year, so 2014 would make it the second year that this event is being held. Housed in Providence, Rhode Island, this event is meant to educate the attendees about new culinary regions that are worth a trip to. That is why it makes sense that Providence was chosen as the hosting city, since chefs (some James Beard Award nominees) have recently been rushing to the area to open up restaurants since the turn of the millennium. In fact, Travel + Leisure Magazine named this place “America’s Best City for Food and Drink.”

Whether you are in the Food Tourism industry or just an adventurous eater, the Food and Travel Expo is made to teach how gastronomy is tourism, how food is love, and how sustainable efforts in expanding the food scene is a welcomed addition to any part of the world. Yes, there will be parts of the expo focused towards people in the industry, allowing you to rub shoulders with chefs, farmers, food producers, brewers, etc, but you do not have to be in "the biz" to attend and enjoy. For those within the food tourism industry, there are some events being held on Friday October 3rd in which various topics will be covered. There will be much to learn, from travel writing, to how to properly host a food tour, to using food to attract tourists to an area. A panel discussion will be held on that day as well, quickly followed by a cocktail party that will allow attendees to network and mingle with their industry brethren.

The Expo is a 2 day event with keynote speakers from around the world. It is all about food and features producers and passionate chefs who will talk about their craft and the importance of food when it comes to tourism. By reflecting a region through its food, all these experts hope to draw more tourism to their cities and restaurants. Not only will it expand the city as a whole, but it will help develop the influence of such cuisines in the area's culture. You will get to sample food and drinks provided by chefs and be treated to the dishes that draw thousands of tourists to different areas of the world on an annual basis.

Taste Trekkers is an organization devoted to help people "explore the world one bite at a time." Through the use of Podcasts, radio shows, and its blog, Taste Trekkers reaches out to its fans to tell them where they should dine when visiting a specific city. They are quite involved with professionals throughout the culinary world, including people from Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, and South American countries like Peru and Argentina. The website provides interviews with chefs and culinary experts in which these professionals in the industry suggest where they recommend for eating and why tourism within the culinary scene is so important to help develop a city.

2014 Food & Travel Expo

October 3-4, 2014
Providence, Rhode Island

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