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The Peacock Garden Café is named after the Peacock Family, who settled in Coconut Grove around 1870 and who were instrumental in the growth of this community.

An orange canopy winds around a tropical garden and welcomes you to a most intimate yet jovial terrace which is a delight to dine in, as long as it is not too hot outside. Inside, the décor is pretty and springy, walls painted in lavender and yellow. This restaurant has been around for just over 3 months and it was hopping on a Wednesday for lunch, so the Peacock Garden Café already has quite a following.

Picnic Board

I thought that this was a very interesting idea for a restaurant, having a mini-picnic at the table. I really loved this dish and it included prosciutto, chorizo, brie and parmesan cheese, apples, olives, cornichons and a most thick and sweet fig jelly. Perfect for people watching their carbs as long as they skip the fig jelly, but who would want to do that? The jelly was worth every calorie! It was $8.00 and I thought it was a bargain.

Basil Lemonade

I have never had such a combination of flavors in a lemonade before and this was very refreshing but…this drink was like having caprese salad in a glass (the one made with mozzarella, tomatoes & basil) as the taste of the basil was quite overwhelming. Miss Issa had the plain lemonade and she said that it was the best ever. Each lemonade was priced at $3.25.

Biscayne Bay Crispy Seafood Platter

We all loved this platter filled with crunchy-delicious seafood and vegetables. There was fish, calamari and shrimp with the tasty addition of zucchini , green onions and broccoli, all mixed in with the seafood. It was served with aioli, our favorite. At $14.00 it was not bad at all.

Fresh Catch of the Day – changes daily

Our waiter, Alfredo, suggested that we order this: he had just tasted it minutes ago in the kitchen. The fresh catch today was Hazelnut Crusted Corvina accompanied by a yellow and red tomato salad. We liked the idea of a hazelnut coat on the fish so we ordered this. We got a thick slice of corvina topped with coarsely chopped hazelnuts, the fish resting on a bed of spinach. It was pleasant but the fish was a bit on the dry side. The tomato salad on the other hand, was remarkable and garden-fresh. At $22.00 it was a bit steep though.

They also offer a selection of desserts. We ordered the Apple Tart which came with a candle because it was Miss Issa’s birthday.

The Peacock Garden Café is elegant in an informal way and the service is warm and welcoming. It is also full of history as it is built on the former site of the Union Church which was eventually relocated. We will definitely be back to give it another try

Peacock Garden Café

2889 McFarlane Rd

Coconut Grove, FL 33133

(305) 774-3332

By Contributor Writer and Photographer Brenda Benoit

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