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This was my first time at Miss Yip Chinese Cafe and I know that for many local foodies this place is a favorite one. I think I've had had a million opportunities to try this restaurant before but for one thing or another one I ended up not going. So I wan in between meetings and made a quick stop to try their dim sum which I love but keep in mind that Miami is not a city that shines for its Asian cuisine so I always enter a Chinese restaurant thinking oh lord help me. After living in San Francisco for more than a decade, it is not easy to sell me on mediocre Chinese food, look I lived with a Chinese family for 5 years in SF, yep, mother and three daughters - and me, so I know how homemade Chinese food taste like and I never, ever find it in this city.

Shrimp Wonton $5.95

You can't beat that price for a seat on Lincoln Road, seriously, even the sparkling water at any of the touristy restaurant you'll find here would cost almost that, I know, ridiculous. I must say, the shrimp wonton was delicious! Not oily at all, in fact, they were perfectly cooked when you could have thought they were baked but with that distinctive taste of friend food. I simply loved them and for that price, what a bargain!

shrimp dumplings

dim sum

Shrimp Dumpling $5.95

Oh god take me, I don't care anymore. I am highly addicted to sriracha sauce. I can eat sriracha sauce with almost anything, I know, it can get nasty at times but I told you, I am addicted to it. Once I grab this sauce you have to tackle me to get it our of my hands, it's scary. And so this poor dumpling felt into the sriracha trap which you know, once you go sriracha you never come back to the basic flavors of the foods you are trying, but I don't care, the dumplings serve as a sponge for my abusive behavior. The dumplings? amazing.

I am always curious on Chinese restaurant kitchens not only to see if they are clean but curious of the characters you can find behind the food

Miss Yip Chinese Cafe

1661 Meridian Ave

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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