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I was very fortunate to kick off one of life’s most important 25th birthday at what turned out to be the most fitting change of pace. As I’m sure you can relate, friends and family jump out of all corners with the perfect place for you to celebrate. The ideal view overlooking this, the over the top that, and the flashy new club they herd opened from a friend of a friend. Don’t get me wrong it was comical to plan all sorts of mayhem but truthfully all I wanted for this birthday was to enjoy in something completely different sweeping away the breadcrumbs that lead to all those old traditions. That’s when I remembered a certain “Winery” sign along Krome Avenue in the Redlands area that had once sparked my interest.

This is a family owned business of husband Peter and wife Denisse Schnebly. They took the concept of wine making to a tropical new level! And let me tell you Schnebly Redland’s Winery exceeded my expectations. From the moment I got there I could feel the hospitality as they welcomed me in with free entrance for being the birthday girl! The rest of my party paid cover charge of $8.00 for adults and $4.00 for kids. Wine tasting was very well complimented by the knowledgeable staff, the beautiful picnic styled benches and live band! Not to mention we made very ample use of the Happy Hour special that ran from 6-7pm pricing all table wines at only $10 per bottle.

Here we tried everything from Lychee wine, to Carambola (star fruit) to avocado! Yes I kid you not; the avocado wines were surprisingly enough my favorites. They ranged from the original Florida Avocado Wine to the Dry Option to even a Sweet Option. Probably not suitable for the beginning or introductory taster, as the wines have a lot of personality but yet could be mellow and refreshing to a more experienced open-minded palate. A clear case of trial and error if you ask me, that is why for a lot of trials …I strongly suggest you and your party invest in the Tasting packages offered, since after a little investigative work on their website turns out to be a very sweet deal!

The "Original" tasting is only $6.95 dollars per person. You get your choice of five different types of Schnebly’ Wines made from tropical fruit. You keep the Schnebly Glass, which you can bring back once a day for a free wine tasting.

The "Special" tasting is $7.95 dollars per person. You get your choice of four different specialty wines (dessert and sparking). You also, get to keep the glass so anytime you return with that glass the tasting is only $5.

The "Tour" (Weekends Only) is $7 dollars per person and takes about 30 - 40 min. Your tour guide will take you through our facility giving you a brief history of the winery, as well as, take you through the whole wine making process. Your tour guide will show you each of the steps needed to handcraft Schnebly’ Wines.

And as if all that wasn’t enough here comes my best tip… come on an empty stomach! Now you might think I’m from the shallow end of the gene pool but there is a reason to my madness. Schnebly Winery encourages all their guests to come prepared and pair their wines with a basket full of goodies…from home! Enjoy a delectable picnic with your family, friends or loved one with all your absolute must haves from your favorite stores or your own kitchen table! It feels very soothing to sit and take in all of your surroundings. The scenery here is incredible …how incredible? Well enough to have you wedding …

It was almost a mini road trip away for me, but completely worth the journey. Enjoy from the exotic flavors, ambiance, the waterfall, even the fish. Join their Wine Club! It is a very nice change of pace like I previously mentioned, that brings you a little closer to nature and lets you spoil yourself in a more organic way.

Schnebly Redland's Winery

30205 SW 217 Ave

Homestead, FL, 33030

888 717 WINE

By Contributor Writer Gigi Laverde


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