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A visit to Ruson Japanese Steakhouse will provide you with what I believe to be the worst thing that can possibly come from restaurants: inconsistencies. I have the belief that I rather frequent a restaurant where I know the food will be above average every single time than go to a restaurant where the offerings will be absolutely incredible one time and just decent the next. When I’m spending my money, I don’t want my experience to be a coin toss, and sadly, this is the case with Ruson.

Growing up in Kendall, choices for Japanese cuisine were limited to a few options. In my opinion, Ruson Japanese Steakhouse was the better of the options, but in recent years, various experiences with different levels of success have left me with hesitation when it comes to deciding whether I will dine here or not. When it comes to sushi rolls, what you get varies dramatically depending on who the chef is. Sometimes your roll will have all its ingredients proportional to make a bite that hits all the marks that a maki roll should hit, with a balance of textures and tastes. But sometimes, your roll with be heavy on the rice and skimpy on the fish, sauces, vegetables, and so on. One thing I cannot complain about, though, is the freshness of the seafood. On the other hand, the fish is consistently fresh and may be some of the best that you can find in the area. Something else that I have always been impressed with is the selection of the rolls, with choices ranging from classics like the JB Tempura (usually well prepared) to creative like the Kamikaze (my go-to). Ruson does not try to impress with a large selection; instead they offer a decently sized variety where anyone can find something to please their tastes.

Ruson Japanese Steakhouse also offers Thai cuisine and the choice to sit at the Hibachi grills a-la-Benihana. Although I have not gotten to witness this yet, I plan to come back to see how the chefs handle the food compared to similar restaurants. Apparently, it is a fan favorite because coming on a weekend night will leave you with a wait of at least 30 minutes. I’m glad for the ever-present popularity of Ruson, but I just wish they were a bit more consistent when it comes to the preparation of dishes. What was once my favorite Japanese restaurant in the city may have lost its charm to me, but I know that with a bit of consistency control, they would climb back up to a place where I can confidently go and choose blindly expecting that what I will get is going to be satisfying.


Ruson Japanese Steakhouse

13856 Southwest 88th Street
Miami, Florida 33186
(305) 386-6685

 By food blogger, Santiago Cardona



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