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These days things have happened in my personal life that well, I won't start telling you here because this is not the place, I leave it for my therapist which I actually pay a lot so I will spare you the drama but I had to mentioned it because it impacts my eating habits. I lost about 20 pounds in the last two months and it amazes me how differently people look at me, all of a sudden I see more smiles around me, particularly from men which I kept telling my therapist that it is so unfair because at the end of the day I still carry the same blood. Okay, enough of that.

I finished helping Mirka with one of the private tours last Tuesday and we were supposed to reward ourselves with a nice dinner afterwards but not always things turn out to be the way we want, Mirka got upset about something and said she was going home so I was left to decide where to go all by myself which it is okay because I speed dial someone (won't tell you who) to then hang out for the rest of the evening (let's leave it at that).

It was almost 10:30 PM and who will be serving me a dinner (I like gourmet dinners when I am tired) in South Beach. I was walking on Washington Avenue (sometimes I fell like carrying pepper spray on Washington Ave), but I had my sneakers on so I was able to run if something (I am kidding you, it is completely safe, nobody will murder you).

I went to 660 At The Anglers, a restaurant we go with the food tours - and which I love Chef Carlos Torres cuisine but the kitchen was closed so I was getting into a panic, I walked outside and scan every possible way and all of a sudden I see Grazie!

Grazie is an Italian restaurant that has been in Miami Beach for a million years, always on the same spot (I don't know if you know that restaurants in South Beach move all the time like

Risotto at Grazie restaurants in Miami Beach

Risotto Porcini $12

I sat down in a corner table and went through the menu, I did not not want a big dish (as I do not have much of an appetite lately), so I decided to go for a side order of their Risotto Porcini. OMG, I thought I was going to stand up and go kiss the chef because this Risotto made my night, all of a sudden I felt I was being hugged. I know, weird, but that was the feeling. The risotto was not mooshy, in fact, it was just al dente, so perfectly cooked that I thought to myself "this is the best thing I ever ate" but then again every two or three days I always think that what I am having is the best thing I ever ate so ignore that. It was creamy and the porcini was generous distributed into the entire dish. The balance between creamyness and the rice of the risotto was just as if an Italian nona (grandma) was cooking in the kitchen. I give this dish a rounded 10 and I will be back. By the way, they have a $9.99 lunch menu (all you can eat), I have to go and check it out but then I don't know, I do not want to get disappointed because I do not think they can afford too much porcini at that price...

Grazie Italian Cuisine

(305) 673-1312

South Beach

701 Washington Ave Map.e011c47

Miami Beach, FL 33139

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By Miami Food Critic, Grace Della

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