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spris pizzeria in midtown miami

Before you arrived, the pizza in Midtown sucked. I remember the days when Primo Pizza was here and although it was good at the beginning, they went down like the Titanic and they finally silently split from the neighborhood as if they were ashamed of their legacy. You probably took your parmesan and oregano shakers in the middle of the night because the next day you were out. I don't miss them. Then, a new "I love NY something pizzeria..." which gives pizza a bad name took over the space. Then, a few blocks away, you arrived. Thank you.

Let's start by talking about your staff. They are so well trained, not sure if you copied the model from Starbucks or the girl at the cashier is on something, but who cares. She should win a medal for "Miami service; as good as it gets." Seriously, she is adorable and not sure if she cares much, but she surely makes you feel like she does.

On Fridays I usually order over the phone and then go to pick it up. I do not like your location with that annoying loud music from Lime plus your lightning inside is a little bit too bright for me. I am not 20 any more so light makes all the difference - and I do not like to wear my Ray-Ban glasses at night. I usually order the margarita pizza or the 4 cheese pizza. By the way, if you call or eat there at 5:30 PM everyday, the margarita pizza is $5.5. You won't be able to get a lemonade for that money here in Midtown so I say splurge a little and take advantage. If you want to pay 4 times more because you are all about throwing around celebrity chef names to your "friends" in Brickell, then go to Harry's Pizzeria which is a few blocks away. Trust me, Harry's is going down lately or the guy making the pizzas probably missed the training. Your call.

At Spris, the pizza crust is thin, delicious and the cheese amount is fair enough for the price. Actually, more than fair, the cheese is the perfect balance between dough and topping ratio. They bake it to perfection. Now, they are small or I can eat a lot, either or, make sure to order more than one. I usually order one for the road (3 blocks) and one for home.

Spris Artisan Pizza

Ste 102

Miami, FL 33127


 By Miami Food Blogger, Grace Della

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