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Ask a Miamian what they’re favorite pizza is, and you will most likely hear about Steve's Pizza. These people are probably referring to Steve’s Pizza in North Miami, but there are other pizza places throughout the city using the same name. I’ve never found the magic about Steve’s Pizza in North Miami as other people do, as I feel like the sauce is sweeter than candy. Instead, I feel like the other restaurants using this name make a better product. I’m not sure if Steve’s Pizza in West Miami is related to the one in North Miami, but the food is completely different.

At Steve’s Pizza West, you will find a thin crust with haphazardly applied sauce and decent amounts of cheese. Though this description may sound like an unfavorable one, I meant it as a compliment. I’m not one to want excess amounts of cheese on a pizza just because, and the sauce is flavorful enough to compliment the crust perfectly. It doesn’t overpower the flavor of the dough, which is in fact some of the more flavorful one in the city. Personally, I feel like it the pizza should be cooked more by default, but this is something that you can just mention to your server and they will help you out with a well-done request. Still, sometimes you get a pizza that is somewhat droopy and limp, as seen on the picture above. The sizes of the pies are quite impressive, being enough to make you “ooohhh” and “ahhhh” at the sight. Even if this is the case, the fact that the pizza is somewhat thin and not too heavy on the toppings makes you eat more slices than you normally would at a regular pizzeria. Steve’s also offers Sicilian pizza, which is a rare find in Miami. I’ve tried it before, and although not as impressive as something you would find in more pizza-known cities like New York, it satisfies a craving.

Just like every other neighborhood pizza joint, Steve’s Pizza West offers pasta dishes and other Italian-American meals. This includes the dessert, and I was surprised to find one of the most authentic cannolis I’ve had in South Florida here. The shell was crisp and the filling was cold, fresh, not too sweet, and tasted of lemon zest. There are chocolate chips scattered throughout the cream, making for a chewy texture that adds richness to the full-bodied cream. Overall, I cannot see myself coming here ever again and not getting this cannoli.

Steve’s Pizza West

16285 SW 88th St, Miami, FL 33196
(305) 388-5552

By food blogger, Santiago Cardona

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