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ferraris pizza in miami

I discovered a new place for pizza at Ferrari’s Pizzeria. Growing up in a Colombian household, most of my nighttime meals consisted of things people from my culture eat. My family emigrated here when I was very young, so my Mom made it a priority to try to keep my roots instilled in me as much as possible. This included eating Colombian meals whenever possible, only speaking Spanish when in the house, and Colombian music blasting from the speakers in the living room practically all day long. Today, I am grateful for her efforts in helping me keep my culture, but I cannot say that sometimes I didn’t envy what some of my American friends were doing. Whenever I got to go over to friends house to play, I got to eat things like spaghetti and meatballs, macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, and (my favorite) pizza. Pizza night at my best friend’s house became something I secretly dreamt about, to the point of making sure that every time I went to my his house conveniently landed on Wednesdays. I am convinced that these nights eventually led to my love of pizza and landed it in my list of top favorite foods.

Now that I am older, my mom doesn’t force me to eat whatever she decides, so I can embrace in my love for pizza night anytime I want. This leads me to Ferrari’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant. The pizza here is nothing out of this world, but it definitely satisfies everything that I crave when I am feeling lazy and just want to indulge in my childhood dreams. The cheese is more than plentiful, almost to the point of being too much, but the crust is thick and crisp enough to the point of it being able to withstand all that is on top of it without collapsing. Like most times that I get pizza, my topping of choice is sausage, and I am always pleasantly surprised with how good the one here is. It is better than it has any right being for a neighborhood pizza joint.

Please don’t come with the wrong idea when coming here. You are not about to partake in a life-changing pizza. And you will not find anything similar to a New York slice. In fact, I can easily name five better spots in the city. But the fact that it is extremely close to my house, the service is good enough, the food is decently priced and consistent, and it fulfills my weekly need for pizza is enough to keep me coming here again and again. You will not regret this pizza.

Ferrari’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant

15761 SW 152 St.

Miami, FL 33187

(305) 378-4795

By Food Blogger, Santiago Cardona


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