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It is unbelievable that just right here in Sunny Isles, a few minutes from Biscayne blvd the world changes completely. I am at Chef Philip Ho authentic Chinese restaurant, and I am already feeling this is a completely different world that I don't frequent that often but that I should.

I love all sorts of Asian cuisine, Chinese being my least favorite but I think I have not had traditional Chinese food in years. If I have had some sort of Chinese in Miami in the past few years but it was probably with a soo-Miami modern spin.

I walked into this place and it reminded me of places in Chinatown - San Francisco, this is as closed as it is going to get in Miami for a traditional Chinese dining experience. I immediately thought this place was promising as there are a lot of Asian people eating and the waiters barely spoke English (I don't know about you, but for me food taste better when they speak to me with a thick almost-impossible to understand accent).

Steamed egg custard lava bun

Wow, I am insanely amazed by the quality of the food here. I ordered the steamed chive & shrimp dumplings, roasted duck bun but perhaps the most memorable of all was the steamed egg custard lava bun. The name sounded intriguing and I love everything with an egg and when "lava" is added to equation, I just gotta have it.

I cannot describe with the right words how deliriously weird and delicious were the steamed egg custard lava buns. Hot and sweetened to perfection. I start thinking I need to stand up right now and see who is crafting them back in the kitchen (please can I just look at the chef?). If mister chef Philip Ho himself is folding these magic buns in the back I just need to see his face (by the way I tried but they told me Philip was hidden all the way in the back, and I though, ha like a precious jewel). Back to the egg custard bun, I strongly suggest that you come to this restaurant if you like dim sum.

I then ordered the steamed black truffle & scallop dumpling and the deep fried taro ones. I asked for a menu to go and marked everything I had because I will be back here often to try all of the other 100 buns, dumpling, fried rice and noodles they have. Today I'm specially happy, it must be the dim sum.

Chef Philip Ho

16850 Collins Ave #106A

Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160


By Miami Food Critic, Grace Della

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