This is not my choice of preference to have breakfast on Sundays but my husband really likes going to Paul so once in a while when he wins the battle or I do not feel like getting creative with a new place to try, only under those circumstances we end up going to PAUL® Bakery Café in North Miami.One thing is true about PAUL is that they are pretty consistent with their breakfast, you will know what you'll get - no surprises.

eggs sunny side up at PAUL in North Miami

Dish $7.95 with Orange juice, coffee, and bread (I swear no bacon). Well with the dish above not too much I can say, two eggs sunny side up for my husband. He is always content with this choice, and I think, well if they do not even get the eggs right we wouldn't be here, but really how bad can you make two eggs on a plate taste? Okay, they are at a good temperature and the cracked pepper is not the cheap kind. The price? for me PAUL is overpriced.

PAUL bakery cafe bread

Included on the $7.95 is a couple of slices of bread and because their bread is one their strongest points I always ask for extra bread (which they charge $2 or something for it - I think it is stingy of them to charge extra for bread)

eegs and bacon

Well this is my dish and the bacon is just perfect but so little, this dish is $5.95 (because it is not a combo) but I always have to order extra bacon. The eggs are good (nothing out of the ordinary).

The only problem I have with PAUL is that their prices are a bit high for what they offer. I have tried other dishes on their menu but really there are so many other good choices for the same type of food that I usually avoid them. Their pastries are good and although they were excellent before, I think that they took it down a notch when it comes to produce quality maybe because of the economic crisis? I don;t know, but I felt a difference the last time I bought pastries from them.


PAUL® Bakery Café

14861 Biscayne Blvd
North Miami, FL 33181
see map for location

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