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When I heard 100% certified organic, not mass produced and the country Chile in it - it was enough to get my attention. This found was special, the type that reminds you that when people create a product with a passion and care, good things happen. And it is happening to this literally liquid gold type of olive oils - they are making a big entrance because people notice when things are made - just right.

And who would have known that I was in for an Olive Oil Tasting, and a lesson on this noble art of olive oil making when Veronica email me about her arsenal.

I met her at the cheese Course in Midtown Miami, and thought we were going to just grab something to eat, talk about what restaurants we like, share anecdotes from South America... but oh boy, she was in for another thing... And I so much loved it! Veronica was determined to have me understand the world of olive oils (and I do appreciate when people know something that I don't and take their time to explain it to me). I think my brain can only retain small portions of information in an hour span so - as you know me by now - I just shoot video to capture the information and make sure I can pass down the info with the respect that it deserves. I always think about everyone who is involved in the culinary world, that if they are as passionate as I am with my food tours, then all it comes to mind is my favorite phrase from Ali G. "Respect" (that supposed to be funny if you like Sasha Baron Cohen, which I do obviously). OK no laugh, let's continue...

"Olive Oil Tasting & an olive oil collection for those who appreciate only the finest things in life (seriously)"

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Post by Grace Della

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