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It’s a city with a world renowned nightlife but what is there to do in this tropical paradise besides going to the beach and sleeping off your hangover? Besides a fabulous nightlife, the city of sun has plenty of fun things for people to do during the day. Here is a list of some things you could do whether you’re just visiting or a local trying to break out of the everyday mold.

1. Oleta State Park

Miami is not known for its wild greenery, we are afterall a city, but besides the swampy Everglades we have Oleta State Park. It is Florida’s largest urban park and borders the Biscayne Bay. Explore the mangroves or go through a nature trail on a bicycle. The state park even has cabins that are available to rent as well as a youth camping area. The best activity though is renting a canoe or a kayak. Glide along the smooth bay and gaze upon the impressive Miami skyline while getting a tan and a workout all in one.

2. Miami Culinary Tours

If you are searching for a fun thing to do for lunch, you can stop looking. Miami Culinary Tours offers a comprehensive two and a half hour tour of South Beach, Little Havana and they will soon be adding a Wynwood/Design District tour to their list. You get the best of both worlds: some nourishment for your mind as your guide unveils the history of the neighborhood and a satisfying meal. Miami Culinary Tours prides themselves on offering the best of Miami cuisine and that is no joke. They will take you everywhere from gourmet restaurants with world famous chefs to hole-in-the-wall bakeries that have edible treasures just waiting for you to discover. Have a few hours to kill and ready for an amazing meal? This is the activity for you.

3. Fruit and Spice Park

Another great activity for the foodie is a visit to the Fruit and Spice Park down in Homestead. With over 35 acres of land that is filled to the brim with tropical fruits, spices and nuts, it is the only park of its kind in the United States. The park boasts a variety of 150 different types of mangos, 75 varieties of bananas and 70 bamboo varieties. Guests are able to sample the fresh produce in the park store and if you have the type, stop into the Mango Cafe. The Mango Cafe in Fruit and Spice Park uses the park’s own ingredients to create the finest and freshest dishes you will find around town. The facility also offers cooking classes and hosts private events.

4. The Flying Trapeze School

If you never dreamed of flying, then you are doing it wrong. Flying is the one thing as the most “evolved” species that we completely missed out on, but The Flying Trapeze School in Biscayne Park can give you a glimpse of what it is like to soar. Though you may not be Superman and fall into the net with less grace than a baby duck waddling to its mother, I guarantee you this is one good time. You will learn the basics of this aerobatic craft and be able to feel like a star circus performer even if it only is for a minute.

5. Coral Castle

Miami is filled with what we like to refer to as “eccentric” people. Edward Leedskalnin is no exception to this. Single-handedly, this man created one of the most popular attractions in South Florida--the Coral Castle. Secretly between 1923 and 1952, Ed carved over a thousand tons of coral rock to create this wonderment. He made the Coral Castle as a way to process the grief he felt after his own true loved called off their wedding the day before the ceremony. If you want to see the true wonders of what one human can do, and how much creativity can stem from a heartbreak, then the Coral Castle is your next stop.


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