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Donut Divas is the place to go in Miami if you like circus food. If you’re like me and crowded places and rickety fair rides aren’t for you, then skip the hassle and head over there. This establishment solely sells typical fair food, so don’t expect Fettuccini Alfredo on the menu. Just to give you an idea of what they serve, they have elephant ears, mini funnel cakes, mini fried donuts, churros, corn dogs, pretzels and the appetizing list goes on. I had to visit Donut Divas after I discovered their growing popularity on Instagram. But word of caution: their pictures can tempt those on the strictest of diets.

I went on a Wednesday afternoon where traffic was light going towards Little Havana. Parking was a bit difficult because their designated parking lot was tiny, possibly 10 cars max can fit in there, and it just so happened a car wash was currently set up. But that did not deter me from getting some unhealthy, delicious, fried food. I stepped in and I was completely fascinated by the decor; they had a circus theme decorating the store. White and red striped curtains closed off the back room, but the rest of the place felt like I was transported to a Ringling Brothers show. Luckily, there wasn’t a line but just a couple waiting for their order. I was attended shortly and I requested their Sweet Box, which had two deep fried red velvet oreos, two deep fried regular oreos, and six mini donuts. I really wanted to go to town with the whole menu but I decided I’ll do one item per visit. This box was really convenient because it gave me a taste of three different things. I probably waited five minutes for my order, which was great timing because I was hungrily eyeing the couple’s banana split.

So this box was magnificent. Everything was covered in powdered sugar. The mini donuts didn’t really look like mini donuts, but more like onion rings. But that did not stop me one bit. This box also came with a side of cream cheese frosting and fudge to compliment the fried oreos. So let me start off with the oreos; both had a crispy crust but a very soft center. Normally, oreos are hard but these were pretty gooey when I bit into one. By far, the red velvet coupled with the cream cheese was my favorite. The mini donuts were not exactly like the one’s at the fair. The reason is that they were thinner and much crispier than regular mini donuts. But, they were still very good. I definitely recommend this place if you’re looking for something worth cheating on your diet.

Donut Divas

3380 NW 7 St, Miami, FL 33125
(305) 456-5975

By Food Blogger Caroline Shalabi

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