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cuban medianoche at David's cafe on Meridian, Miami Beach

Cuban Medianoche

Perhaps my favorite everyday Cuban restaurants in Miami are both David's Cafe which one is located on Collins Ave. and the other one on Meridian. So I was cruising Lincoln road literally so hungry and it was so hot that I felt like fainting, it was in the middle of June (gee, Miami is insanely hot in summer). But as usual, I do not go anywhere out of my home and for more than 2 hours without stopping at a place to eat and I was on a budget so I picked a place where I knew they would not chop my head off as many places do in Miami Beach. Fro god sake, a burger in Miami Beach can cost about what you pay for cable TV (ridiculous) unless you go on Lincoln rd to Shake Shack but then you are at the mercy of the mood swings cooks have at that place; one day is good, the other day is misery.

Anyways, back to the Cuban medianoche that you see on the picture. You can never go wrong at David's Cafe for the medianoche. I think the people who have been doing this sandwich at David's deserve the medianoche medal at this point (with the Cuban island engraved on cheap copper), but the medianoche here is good. The bread is exquisite and always fresh, I think it is fresh because they probably sell a kazillion of these at lunch as it is the only place that you can have a decent medianoche without the million dollar tag. Of course there are other places that serve a contemporary version (or maybe I'll call it an Americanized version) of this sandwich like at BLT Steak at the betsy but they serve it on French bread which is like ordering eal sushi with Italian focaccia at the bottom (get the picture?).

Back to the Cuban medianoche; the pork is tender, the ham is juicy, the Swish cheese was melted perfectly but not too much because you do not want to be dripping cheese all over, the pickles came with a slight crunch and the mustard, well, mustard - I do not think is a homemade mustard but for $8 I won't expect it either.

David's Café II

1654 Meridian Ave

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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