Tag: Leche La Cubanita

coconut bar from La Cubanita

I remember as a little girl growing up in Argentina that I had neighbors who they immigrated from England, yep they used to speak only in English to their children. Aeelen was the mother of the family and they had 4 daughters - but what I remember the most from this family was that Aeelen used to make this amazing coconut bars fresh from scratch.  It is a flavor I have never experienced again, I grew up, moved to the States and Aeelen, well, I do not know what happened to them - but the other days I was at Publix in Miami Shores walking pretty fast (I do not love Publix, I just go there, grab what I need and run out), and as I was walking to the cashier I stumbled upon this coconut bar and grabbed it. It was $3 something.

I think they are very Latin, better to say, they are eaten by people from South and Central America I would suppose because the wrapping paper had English/Spanish wording.

I got into my car and on the way back to my house I just opened it and cut a little piece, I felt like I was an addict of a substance and I quickly needed to taste the potency - I was really looking to see if it tasted just like Aeelen's coconut bars - and wow - yep, it  was! Unbelievably fast I was transported to Argentina, to the town where I was born and I was able to remember Aeelen bars so vividly. This  Coco Con Leche La Cubanita bar is absolutely amazing and you have to try it if you like coconut. It tastes like condense milk with slow roasted coconut, it is very sugary but the sugar dissolves pretty fast in your mouth and then the coconut flakes kicks in. I love coconut in food, I hate it on body creams.


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