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Miami is often dubbed the melting pot of various cultures and just in my own hometown you can find one of the more unique cuisines. La Pupusa Factory is visible from busy 68th street and I have passed by this location numerous times. This restaurant’s signature dish is composed of the pupusa, which is simply a thick corn tortilla stuffed with a delicious blend of fillings. With one of my best friends in tow, I finally had the chance to try a pupusa. While the exterior does not do the restaurant justice, I was pleasantly surprised by its simple elegance.

chips and salsa

When visiting a restaurant, I develop this sense of intrigue about what will be served before the meal. Warm bread is common, yet always a crowd pleaser. At La Pupusa Factory however, we were served chips and salsa. I would typically associate chips and salsa with Mexican restaurants; however, the starter seemed appropriate considering El Salvador’s location in Central America. It was evident that the tortilla chips were made in house and the salsa was spicy and fresh.


My best friend and I shared a baleada which is actually more typical of Honduran cuisine. We ordered the simplest one, which consists of nothing more than a tortilla with refried beans and crema, or cream. The simplicity of it is what made the baleada so surprisingly tasty. You will notice that La Pupusa Factory does not seem to emphasize plate presentation, but taste completely makes up for this. The only area of opportunity would be to have the cream tempered. The tortilla and refried beans were warm, but the cream was cold, causing a less than favorable contrast.


Now, a visit to La Pupusa Factory would not be complete without having a pupusa. I decided to have the special. A large pupusa stuffed with cheese, refried beans, and pork was served with a cabbage salad, curtido, and a tomato-based dressing. The crispier edges of the pupusa gave the dish a nice texture while the center of it contained the delicious cheese, bean, and pork mixture. The pupusa is quite tasty by itself; however, the curtido and tomato dressing take it to an entirely new dimension.

La Pupusa Factory is a small restaurant, home to delicious food and pretty good service. While briefly waiting for your order to be taken, you can indulge in fresh chips and salsa while taking a look at all of the cultural knick knacks. On a scale from one to four mouthfuls, one being poor and four being excellent, La Pupusa Factory was quite good, earning three mouthfuls.

La Pupusa Factory

1804 W 68th St

Hialeah, FL 33014

(305) 826-6444

Reviewed by Food Blogger, Hector Manon

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