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Determining the value of a meal can be a complicated subject, but the food at La Patagonia Argentina makes this task something easy to do. Let me explain: value can be described as your level of satisfaction compared to how much you paid for your meal. Basically, if you feel like the price you paid is worth what you are getting, you feel like the restaurant/meal is a good value. As long as you decide that there is a balance between these two factors, you won’t feel ripped off. Things become a little more complicated when you think about it more, since cheap food is not necessarily always bad, and expensive is not necessarily always good. Which brings me to the point of this review; the food at La Patagonia Argentina is ridiculously cheap and quite good. Therefore, there is much value coming from this restaurant.

Coming here either on a Saturday or Sunday gives you 50% off your food bill. This alone will give you enough reason to come to this restaurant. Just like any other Argentinean steakhouse, La Patagonia Argentina focuses on its meat selection. Visit them for the Parrillada, which is served as a sizzling iron skillet including short ribs, flap meat, chorizo, blood sausage, and sweetbreads. This alone will give you the opportunity to sample your way through most of the meat menu (excluding chicken and fish). A pet peeve of mine is restaurants that serve their meat on skillets due to the fact that the meat will keep cooking with the heat from it, leaving my medium-rare steak a medium-well by the time I am done. Even though this is the case, the steak remains flavorful and succulent with enough juiciness to not be dried out. I sometimes wonder how La Patagonia Argentina manages to provide its meat for such low prices, but I can answer my own question by admitting that the meat itself is not of the best quality. Still, the chefs are skilled enough to the point where they can work wonders with less than stellar ingredients, which leads to impressive dishes.

The service is friendly and will guide you through the menu should you choose to order something other than the meat options. The restaurant offers homemade pasta, sandwiches, and some rotating specials. No matter what you get, the value is incredible. The food could be better, but for the price, I can’t think of anywhere else that I am getting this type of value. I find myself here on a regular basis, and hope that they will continue to impress with their dishes.

La Patagonia Argentina

4802 NW 7 St, Miami 33126
305 443 1668

By Food Blogger, Santiago Cardona

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