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Jimmy'z Kitchen has been in the neighborhood since it started growing into what it has become today, and this restaurant is a perfect example of the transformation the area has gone through. Taste the culinary brilliance of a long- time local favorite Chef, Jimmy Carey, as he celebrates the district’s Puerto Rican heritage with a heavenly tasting of his country’s National dish. By offering a classic version of Mofongo, this restaurant alludes to the cuisine of the native inhabitants of the area that was one called "El Barrio." Mofongo is fried plantain smashed with a mortar and pestle into a mass seasoned with spices and garlic, served with broth, and usually a creole sauce known as a sofrito. This combination of flavors and textures is a great way of showcasing the ingredients and techniques synonymous with Hispanic cuisine. The chefs add a surprisingly upscale take to the authentic dishes, leading to a meal that will have you itching to return.

At the beginning of Wynwood's creation, most of the inhabitants that began to migrate into the area were from Puerto Rican decent. These same immigrants merged their culture with what was already established into the neighborhood, creating the atmosphere that is seen in the area today. Most of the culture was influenced, from music, to art, to food.

During the Wynwood Food Tour ($69), we take you on a journey allowing you to sample Mofongo from the restaurant in Miami doing it best. Not only will you learn about the food that is being served to you, but you will also learn about the history and reasons as to why the food is the way it is.

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