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For some reason, Miami never went to the macaron craze like the rest of the nation, but places like Janette and Co. make me hopeful about this mania finally hitting our city. Janette and Co. is a small French bakery specializing in serving only the finest macarons and chocolates. That’s it. Only two items, perfected in a manner that makes you forget about the fact that you’re basically restricted to one of two things (or maybe both if it’s your cheat day).

Macarons are a traditionally French pastry made with egg whites and almond flour usually stuffed with a buttercream, jam, or filling. Bakeries usually tend to stay away from making macarons due to their temperamental nature-- in other words: they’re a pain in the butt to get right consistently. Somehow, Janette and Co. has mastered the notoriously difficult dessert to achieve a sandwich that is perfectly executed. A macaroon should be moist and light as air, melting into your mouth as it makes contact with your teeth. The bottom of the cookie should have what is known as “feet,” or a ruffled-like appearance at the base, giving the confection it’s signature look. It is not uncommon to find them in all sorts of vibrant colors, as this only adds to the fun of the dessert. Petite and cute as they seem, they pack quite a punch in the flavor department when made correctly. Most bakeries tend to rely on artificial flavorings and colors to make it easier on them to achieve consistent results, but you can tell that Janette and Co. know what they are doing. On my most recent visit, I sampled the strawberry macaron, as this flavor when used in desserts is usually very artificial in order to get the taste that is meant to be achieved. Janette and Co. knocked this flavor out of the park, basically making for an experience akin to biting into the most succulent and ripe strawberry you can imagine. The texture of the macaron somehow managed to mimic the texture of a real strawberry by having a firmness that dissolves in your mouth once you start savoring it.

The chocolate selection at Janette and Co. is excellent as well, with a variety that is ambitious to say the least. They are homemade and you can find flavors from key lime to 60% Venezuelan cacao. Although delicious, what struck me the most is how stunningly beautiful these small chocolates were. They almost make you feel guilty about eating them. Notice I said “almost,” as you would feel even worse if you didn’t actually eat them. That’s what they’re for, and at the end of the day, they lead to an ultimately satisfactory experience. So do like me and come for half a dozen of macarons and chocolates, because I guarantee you that you won’t have just one.

Janette and Co.

5811 Sunset Dr
South Miami, FL 33143
(786) 264-8638 

By food blogger, Santiago Cardona

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