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Here we suggest what we believe to be the perfect itinerary for a Homestead food tour in order to experience the best of what the neighborhood has to offer.

Breakfast Tacos at Rositas

The outside of the restaurant is covered in murals, and this makes you feel like you are eating somewhere that is an established part of the community. It is not only a restaurant, but a piece of art that should be cherished. At Rosita’s, you are served your Mexican basics, but the care that is put into them is what sets this place apart. The eggs are always runny and unctuous, the salsas are not too spicy but flavorful, the tortillas are always warm, and the meats are all seasoned well, making for a perfect breakfast taco. You can easily find these foods at most Mexican restaurants, but none are executing them as well as Rosita’s when it comes to brunch.
199 W. Palm Drive Florida City, FL 33034

Alambres at Taqueria Morelia

Taqueria Morelia is serving some of the cheapest and more authentic Mexican food in the Homestead area. With two locations, you are not restricted to a particular section of town, and this definitely makes it easier to satisfy a craving when that itch for good Mexican starts to get unbearable. The colorful walls are vibrant and quickly make you realize that you're about to embark on an adventure not typical to American food. We recommend a tasting of the Hawaiian Alambre, aPork skillet served pineapple, bacon, Mexican sausage, bell pepper, onion, and melted yellow cheese, leading to a dish reminiscent of a well-executed fajita.
961 W Palm Drive FLORIDA CITY, FL 33034 or 1875 NE 8th Street HOMESTEAD, FL 33033

Local Fruit at Redland's Farmer's Market

For a true taste of what the Homestead area has to offer, you have to make it out to the Redland’s Farmers Market. Even though it is only only on Saturdays and Sundays, this is a destination that should be on anyone’s itinerary when it comes to this part of town. Here, you will get a taste of what the Miami agriculture is, how people sustain themselves, and you will leave with a better understanding of what the real Miami is like. When you come, you need to head to the outdoor market as your first destination. At the beginning, you may be overwhelmed by the aromas and colors spread throughout the stands, but then you will start to get interested. You can find your typical produce such as mangoes, oranges, and onions, but you can also find more ethnic things. Guanabana (soursop), Chinese eggplant, and tomatillo (green tomatoes) are examples of what you can find.
24420 S. Dixie Hwy Homestead, FL 33032

Visit to Schneblys for Wine

The Homestead and Redlands areas offer tourists and locals an opportunity to become involved with agro-tourism, and Schneblys Redland’s Winery is one of the pioneers when it comes to allowing people to witness the some of the best things South Florida has to offer. Started more than ten years ago, Schnebly’s is a winery that differs itself by making wine out of fruits that are not typical components of this type of alcoholic beverage. Instead of using your typical varieties of grape, Schnebly’s offers wines made from local fruits such as guava, lychee, and mango. The fact that they offer customers a taste of local fruit is a wonderful service to the South Floridian community, as it provides insight into the tropical region and climate of the area.
30205 S.W. 217th Avenue, Homestead, FL 33030

Key Lime Milkshake at Robert is Here

Being home to some of the more exotic fruit you can find in Miami, this roadside fruitstand has become legendary for its milkshakes using the same fruit it offers. We recommend the Key Lime flavor, as it is a perfect way to end your food tour and cool off from the Miami weather.
19200 SW 344th St


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