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I don't know what it is with me lately but I crave burgers like I never did before. In fact, a few years ago you would say the word burger and all I could think of was "eww" - but now once a week I think about them, is like they are in the back of my head constantly. I hope to soon get rid of that thought because they are mean, burgers are mean to your body.

But, here I was walking around in Coral Gables, checking out some restaurants to see what this neighborhood hast to offer in the food scene. I have been at Por Fin which I loved and other restaurants but never visited Hillstone which is located in the same spot that Houstons was. I guess Houstons went down but that was not a surprise because restaurants in Miami open and closed pretty much daily.

I was by myself as usually because I go out to eat at least 3 times a week and I run out of friends by the first week, I think my friends are more intelligent than me as they don't spend fortunes dinning out but hey, I always convince myself "like is short, enjoy" - I know, that is a lame approach to life but that's just me (don't judge)

burger at Hillstone in Coral Gables

So I order the hickory burger that came with Canadian bacon, chopped cheddar cheese and onion with hickory sauce. This burger was honestly a disaster. The meat was dry, way to dry and the bread could not keep its composure as it was literally dissolving between my fingers. At $13 plus a pop, I would expect more respect from those doing the cooking. The only fun part were the fries which I added them in the burger to give it a bit of excitement.

I have to say in their defense that the service was great, a polite young girl who knew the menu well plus the food came out at a respected waiting time saving this restaurant from being a sinking titanic. The ambiance was bland but I saw happy faces at the bar, I think it was because the bartenders were all beautiful girls and the guys sitting at the bar ordering drinks probably did not pay too much attention to their drinks as there were other things popping out that I know men enjoy even more than their favorite beer.


201 Miracle Mile

Coral Gables, FL 33134


 Written by contributor writer Emilia Casares

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