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The Fine Beverage, Chocolate and Food Show

The Fine Beverage, Chocolate and Food Show, which took place in the picturesque Pinecrest Gardens during March 9 and 10, was an event where artisanal food, chocolate, and beverage vendors  exhibited their products and got the chance to promote their business to the attendees. Besides that, there was an added section to the event that included vendors dealing with cigars. I got the chance to attend this event and was surprised to discover some artisan vendors that I had no idea were part of the Miami food scene. Although there were some vendors that I recognized from events such as farmers markets and food truck gatherings, there were others that were completely new to me.

chocolate at the The Fine Beverage, Chocolate and Food Show

Most vendors were giving small samples of what they were offering, but I saw this mostly with the beverage section of the show. Although some food vendors offered samples, it was less frequent. Nonetheless, everything I sampled was impressively prepared. Besides that, I got the chance to make my way from stand to stand and meet some of the vendors. You could tell that they were all proud to be exhibiting their products and they were extremely educated and professional when it came to dealing with people walking up to their stands. No one was pushy to the point of it getting obnoxious and you could tell that the vendors were genuinely interested in just getting the word out about their products.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the show was the fact that the people attending had free access to watching all seminars and live demonstrations. I got to witness some demonstrations being made by some chefs promoting their products and they were all educational, informative, and entertaining to watch. Not once during the show did I get bored or feel like it was just someone trying to sell me his or her product. The audience was allowed to ask questions and everyone was extremely helpful.

Besides the vendors, there were a couple of food trucks next to the beverage section of the show providing their services to the attendees. The lines never got too long and everyone seemed to be having a great time. There were beverage stations placed throughout the whole event and entertainment was always available. I would not hesitate in going back to an event such as these in the future. It provided me with a broader overview of some of the artisanal vendors that can be found in the city, and the fact that these companies were allowed to get some exposure is more than enough reason to support shows such as this one. These are the types of businesses that can drive Miami to be a better city, and I was glad to see how they became more known in the public eye.

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By Food Blogger, Santiago Cardona


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