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For a true taste of what the Homestead area has to offer, you have to make it out to the Redland’s Farmers Market. Even though it is only only on Saturdays and Sundays, this is a destination that should be on anyone’s itinerary when it comes to this part of town. Here, you will get a taste of what the Miami agriculture is, how people sustain themselves, and you will leave with a better understanding of what the real Miami is like. Most of what you experience here is more involved with the Mexican culture in Miami (as opposed to the Cuban culture in Little Havana or the Nicaraguan culture in Sweetwater), and it is a very refreshing change of pace than what you will find in a typical Miami area. This very rarely visited part of town offers some of the best foods, the nicest people, atypical fruits, and experiences that even most people in Miami have not yet been through.

When you come, you need to head to the outdoor market as your first destination. At the beginning, you may be overwhelmed by the aromas and colors spread throughout the stands, but then you will start to get interested. You can find your typical produce such as mangoes, oranges, and onions, but you can also find more ethnic things. Guanabana (soursop), Chinese eggplant, and tomatillo (green tomatoes) are examples of what you can find. The different produce will not be the only thing that will surprise you, since the prices are almost half of what you find in your neighborhood Whole Foods. The ethnic fruits may get a little pricey, but the fact that you can even find them is impressive enough. Those looking for herbs and spices will surely find what they are looking for, since every little stand offers homegrown plants such as basil, cilantro, basil, oregano, and so on. Other stands offer fresh and dried chilis, so if you are in search of heat, you have found the right place.

Hopefully, you have some money left over from the stands, because at the Farmers Market you will find some of the most authentic (and most affordable) Mexican food in the area. Most of the food is being made with produce that is sold at the market stands, so you can rest assured that the food is as local and fresh as it can get. There are about four or five different restaurants all next to each other, but you can feel safe sitting at any of them and feel like you are about to get a good meal.

After you eat, there is an outdoor flea market where you can find some hidden treasures. They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and this definitely rings true here. You will find electronics, tools, art, and even clothes. Although some of the vendors have better stuff than others, you can at least invest some time and witness some unusual items. If flea markets are not your thing, you can take your children to the small petting zoo, where they can find small horses, pigs, and chicken.

The Redland’s Farmers Market is a place where you can come and spend your whole day in. There are things to do for everyone, and it may be one of the best hidden treasures in our city.


Redland’s Farmers Market

24420 S. Dixie Hwy
Homestead, FL 33032
(305) 257-4335

By Food Blogger, Santiago Cardona

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