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In December of 2014, the Art Basel Art Fair in Miami brought Faith47 to Wynwood as part of “The Art of Collaboration” project. The South African street and studio artist partnered with Puerto Rican street painter, Alexis Diaz. The two of them covered an immense brick wall, the side of a Wynwood building, with a beautiful mural of a woman wrapped in a snake with a skeletal midsection and a skull for a tail. On the painting you can see white lines dripping from the green woman’s naked body. These lines are found in many works by Faith47. On the other hand, the chimeric portrayal of the snake is courtesy of Diaz. The duo tagged the wall with “Eros - Desire - De Sidus - Of The Star.” Faith47 says “Eros is the greek god of love and desire. The word desire comes from the latin word ‘de sidus,’ which means ‘of the star.’

As a white South African born in the thick of the Apartheid government, Faith47 has experienced the injustice of inequality and abhorred her privilege. Her work seeks to bring awareness and inspire the meek to find their power within. She is not afraid of entering dangerous townships and creating some of her most moving work on their walls. Her intention when entering these communities is to explore and learn and spark interest in Graffiti. She believes in action and art’s ability to communicate beyond the capabilities of word, which she finds “limiting.” This is ironic, however, considering her poetic style in speech and writing.

In all of her work, but especially in the Graffiti she writes, you find long, curvy lines, all woven and intertwined. Her art screams interconnectedness. In an interview, she says, “We should look at other countries as if they are our own . . . . We all belong everywhere and nowhere at the same time.”

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