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When I am in Miami Beach and have a craving for small appetizers at the bar, Emeril's is always that place of choice for me. I am insanely obsessed with their New Orleans BBQ shrimp. I have never ever tried something so delicious in a sauce to the point that I had to asked for more sauce on the side. Yeah, is licking-fingers-in-public (who cares) so good. I think they think I am weird at Emeril's  because I always go alone at odd hours of the day, like 4:45 pm or 3:11 pm. I was there yesterday and got so carried away after the first glass of wine that I decided to keep eating, took a brake, went downstairs and booked a massage at Elemis spa. Too bad that I felt asleep half way into the massage because then I only enjoyed $70 worth of it rather the total $140 that I paid for it. Back to Emeril's, it was about $60 and oh so worth every penny!

New Orleans BBQ Shrimp $8 - I ordered two of these, one after the other one, as I could swim in a pool made of this insanely flavorful sauce. I have a new addiction.

The little thing you see on the back is a petite rosemary biscuit. The shrimp were fresh, almost crunchy (that's the way a good quality shrimp should be), the sauce was so good that I asked the bartender if it has chocolate which he was surprise about hearing that, he said no. By the way, I liked the bartender who mentioned he has been with Emeril's  company for 10 years - and that it Miami means a lot as nobody really has a sense of belonging in the hospitality industry, I think it is due to the high turnaround this city has.

Fresh Tuna and Butter Lettuce Wrap $10

Funny the most expensive item in their Happy Hour Snack menu and not my favorite. Listen, it was great if you love Tuna, those little tortilla strips were to die for all wrapped with the lettuce but I am a sauce kind of girl and I felt it was missing one saucy note, but that is just me, I am into spicy sauces lately.

Truffle Chips $6 - I ordered two which I should have stayed with only one, as I finished the second bowl of chips I almost had to roll down the stairs to get to Elemis Spa

OMG these chips are extremely rich in flavor, they are not only addictive but you will not be able to order just one serving, you'll see. They are fried in truffle oil as per the bartender who took well care of me and by the way he was patience, knowledgeable and not very friendly but who cares I am not there to make friends anyway. It was not that he wasn't nice, just not the type that would talk to you even if you are the only person sitting at the bar and that is okay with me because I usually find my IPAD to be a much better company than any other human.

Banana Cake (don't remember the price but I am sure it wasn't cheap)

Well, it was a nice ending to my never ending indulgence at Emeril's. I was not a huge fan of this dessert but the bartender talked me into it. I should have gone with my gut-chocolate feeling but I opted to listen for once and it just reminded me again I should not listen to others recommendations based on what they like as it never works well for me.

Emeril's Miami Beach

1601 Collins Ave

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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