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Peruvian food? It must be good

miami food bloggerThis is the first thing I think when you I hear Peruvian cuisine because I heard that they cook the best seafood in the world. So every time someone says "let's do Peruvian" I am up for the journey. We head to the El Gran Inka Grill in North Miami - not too much expectations (I try to keep expectations at a low level so I do not rapidly get disappointed).

As soon as we walk into El Gran Inka I can feel there is care put into the place. I feel at ease when restaurants get the proper lightning settings for diner time. I always wonder if other people care for this - as for me - ambiance has a lot to do with low voltage lighting at the right color tone. I believe El Gran Inka wants to create a dramatic effect and they definitely achieved it through the subtle use of light.

We are quickly seated at a table and a gracious waiter came to the table right away (nice). We get an introduction of the place and the time needed to look at the menu. (Now, I have to mention something, I take photos because I write for this blog - the waiter became very curious but instead of approaching me friendly when I was taking a photo of the dish below, he said "are you planning to open a restaurant?" - please note he did not say this in a friendly manner, he was actually kind of upset - ok, I get it, from now on I will present myself, mention that I write for and ask if I can take pictures. The reason why I don't say anything is because I do not want to grab attention to myself and my partner, but I have been having not many good experiences, at this point, I will always say "I am a food blogger, can I take a picture of the food I order?"

Inka restaurant in North Miami

Roasted corn is served at the table as soon as you site down. My first thought was "this will be hard to chew" - but it was roasted to perfection! Crunchy, salty, and not hard at all.

Inka restaurant in Miami

ceviche from inka restaurant in north miami

Dish: Fish Ceviche classic - Timeless fish ceviche marinated lime juice, garlic and peruvian chili garnished with red onions, sweet potatoes and peruvian "choclo" corn
Price: $14.95
Worth the price: absolutely

This was a great deal for the price. What I enjoyed the most about it was the discovery process because it was served with layers to be discovered. Take for example, the purple sauce on top of the fish, you really were not able to see it if you do not take the red onions, but you definitely were able to test that sauce which was made with olives. The three sauces on the side were quite spicy but very tasty. The only thing I would tone down on this dish is the red onion, in my opinion it was a little bit too much onions.

The sweet potatoes added a contrast with the saltiness of the dish. It was a smooth sweet potato puree, not at all chunky, just the way I like it. I have to give it to the Grank Inka restaurant, this dish is both a visual statement as well as flavorful.

Rolls at Inka Grill Restaurant in North Miami

Dish: Crunchy Inca Roll crunchy breaded and deep fried seabass roll, filled with shrimp and avocado served with sweet & sour eel sauce and citrus ceviche sauce
Price: $14.95
Worth the price: mmhh ok, yes

I know, these tolls look like heaven, don't they? They were divine, a perfect mix of crispy and softness - the fish cooked to perfection but (sorry! there is always a but on my posts, I try but I can not help it), the oil in which they fried the roll was used more than once, that I can tell you. The citrus ceviche sauce I would have expected to be more citrusy but it lacked the punch. Overall this dish was good but not worth the price really, I would have been happier with a $12 price.

Cuisine Type: Peruvian
Price: $$$ $15-25 per entree

Location: 3155 NE 163rd St North Miami Beach, FL (305) 940-4910
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Ambiance: Very good
Service: Good

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