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If you are looking to find the best Cuban sandwich in Miami, read on. Cuban food has become fundamental in Miami culture. There are plenty of options to choose from ranging from little hand held snacks like the cuban croquette or full blown meal such as a Cuban arroz con pollo (chicken and rice). Finding a happy median is hard, but you guys have Miami Culinary Tours to help you out. The perfect balance is more filling than a snack but not as hearty as the chicken and rice. But we have decided upon a traditional cuban sandwich. A cuban sandwich has the best components: roast pork, sweet ham, swiss cheese, pickles, mustard and of course, all sandwiched between cuban bread. Similar to it’s cousin, the pan con lechon, the sandwich is pressed on a “plancha” which literally translates to iron, making the cheese melty and the buttered bread crusty. And don’t fret, the sandwiches are ample in size; commonly, they are cut eight inches in length. But trust Miami to make a cuban sandwich better.

So where can you find the best cuban sandwich in town? Sarussi, of course. This little chain of cafeterias sprinkled about Miami has been around for 50 years, and we’re betting that they know a thing or two about cuban sandwiches. Who better to testify this notion than Adam Richman, host of Man vs Food, who participated in Sarussi’s infamous take on a cuban sandwich and claimed that their portions are humongous. Naturally, portion sizes are going to be smaller if the 8” sub is picked over the 16”, but it does not mean that meat quantity is compromised. Apart from being recognized on TV, Sarussi’s cuban sandwich, which is also known as the Original, is great because they make small changes to the already delicious sandwich. Instead of swiss, they use mozzarella, and the ingredient that differentiates it from other cuban sandwiches is their secret sauce. Ingredients to the sauce are unknown, being a secret and all, but from what it seems, it has a tangy-garlic taste to it. Also, this cuban sandwich is not pressed but cooked in a pizza oven! We definitely recommend going to Sarussi for lunch, and definitely ask for extra secret sauce on the side.

Sarussi Cafeteria

6797 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33144

(305) 264-5464

Food Blogger, Caroline Shalabi

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