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olives and french bread

Yep, there are some addictions that are hard to brake, there is cocaine addiction, alcohol addiction, relationship addictions and then there is Olives and French Bread addiction, and I have it, and I can not brake it.

I probably go to Whole Foods Market in Aventura once a week to just buy the medium size container of Olives (yes, note that I write Olives with a capital letter at the beginning, this is because for me is like a religion, a monument, etc.).

My favorites are the Kalamatas. "This tangy green to black olive is cured in red-wine vinegar and is soft but not mushy. Varieties grown in California are denoted by spelling with a ‘c’ rather than a ‘k’. Kalamatas are wonderful on pizzas, with feta or blended with cream cheese and fresh garlic for a tangy dip."

I also buy the Greek mix Olives. They are absolutely divine. I can literally live on Olives and French bread, if I have to choose one last meal, this is what I would choose. If I have to eat one thing for the rest of my life, yep again, this would be my choice. I am not sure what exactly is about Olives and my body, I think I am addicted to the vinegar they have, I even went to the extend of researching if they are actually added something that is addictive to humans (I couldn't find anything), still I think they have something.

I also buy a variety of Olives that are huge (green ones) at Lorenzo's marketplace in Miami. They mix the Olives with hot chilly peppers. Once you try these Olives you are hooked for life.

Then it comes the bread! The bread has to have a crispy crust on the outside and be light in the inside, otherwise the effect of vinegar is not as strong, trust me. When you take one bite of bread and one Olive, or at least me, is like I am in heaven, in Food Heaven.

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