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central american food in little havana miami

Little Havana is now known for its Cuban population but welcomes an ethnic diversity with food from Central America. Food from Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras introduce exotic flavors and distinct dishes. Food from Central America is very diverse based on cultural influences. Central American cuisine varies greatly based on their history and inhabitants. The Spanish, Mexican, Caribbean, indigenous people, and African cultures had the most influence on the food as a whole.

While Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua specialize in meats, Honduran food focuses on fresh seafood. All cultures pride themselves on their preparation of rice and beans as well as their flavorful sauces and spices. Central American cuisine is also accompanied with tortillas typically made to order. Central American condiments are pickled relishes and slaw. Tropical juices are a great way to wash everything down.

To avoid being overwhelmed, here are a few specialties for each country:


· Kak’ik – traditional Mayan turkey sound with coriander, achiote, and chili peppers

· Chicken Pepian – chicken in a spicy pumpkin and sesame sauce

· Hilachas – shredded beef simmered in a mildly spicy tomato and tomatillo sauce

· Chilaquilas – Lightly fried tortilla in mole or salsa

· Lemonaide con soda – real lemon soft drink with lemon, sugar and soda water

El Salvador

· Pupusa – thick tortilla stuffed with cheese, meat, squash (and other fillings)

· Sopa de Pata – soup made from corn, plantains, tripe and cow’s feet

· Horchata – a drink made with a mix of cinnamon, peanuts, sesame seed, and morro


· Gallo Pinto – Their take on rice and beans with red beans and garlic added to seasoned rice

· Queso Frito – fried cheese

· Quesillo – Tortilla with cheese, salt, onions, and cream

· Sweet Drink – shaved ice topped with fruit syrup


· Tanake – corn meal stuffed with various fillings and boiled in the husk of a corn

· Anafre – black bean and cheese fondue served with tortilla chips

· Baleada – burrito made with flour tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, refried beans and vegetables

· Ceibenos – layer of green plantains topped with cabbage, tomato slices, and meat and topped with pico de gallo (chunky, fresh tomato salsa)

· Tiste – corn & chocolate drink mixed with milk

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