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Danny Meyer says “The Man Who Changed the Way We Eat assures that a poignant life whose meaning so impacted the restaurant world will not be permitted to fade from our collective memories. Bravo Thomas McNamee for illuminating the erudite gentleman who paved the way for today’s legion of professional restaurant reviewers, as well as for an entire generation of amateur critics who now daily express their judgments on every platform the Internet provides. This must-read book profiles Claiborne’s turbulent, brilliant, and unscripted life - which had such a profound and enduring impact on a huge swath of American culture.”

This is the first biography of the founding father of the American revolution in cooking—the New York Times food critic who invented that role; introduced the country to Julia Child, Wolfgang Puck, and Alice Waters; authored the New York Times Cookbook; and in thirty years as the reigning arbiter of all things food in the country, introduced Americans to the food of the world, from French haute cuisine to the exotic flavors of the Far East. Claiborne revolutionized how Americans think about, cook, and taste their food.

More than a biography, the book includes some of Claiborne’s favorite recipes and also celebrates the history of dining and service. The author is available to contribute original articles on a variety of subjects related to the book including:

· The history of fine dining and the influence of foreign travel on American cuisine

· A feature on the chefs and restaurants who count Claiborne as one of their greatest influences/champions

· The history of culinary education in America and how Claiborne contributed (he endowed the Culinary Institute of America)

· How growing up in a Southern kitchen influenced Claiborne, and in-turn the nation

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