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It is originally from Central America, and is cultivated in Florida, Hawaii, South Africa, India, Seylon, Malay Archipelago, Canary Islands and Australia.

Papaya is a fruit that grows in clusters. The shape is oval and oblong of big size (it could reach up to 25 centimeters in length and 15 centimeters in diameter), the skin is yellow, green-yellowish or orange; the pulp is tender, aromatic and orange-reddish with black seeds.

Different Papaya types

Among them; SoloBluestemBettyFairchildRissimeeGarahanHurtusgred and Puna. The most popular varieties are the ones cultivated in Hawaii: Solo and
Puna, generally the species can weigh up to 450 grams and are very sweet.

Consumption: it is mainly consumed as a fresh tropical fruit since the pulp is sweet and juicy; it is served chopped into sweetened pieces wet on lime juice to accent the flavor. It is often mixed in fruit salads and macedonias. Papaya is particularly delicious served cold.

When the fruit has not ripened yet it is common to consume it as cooked vegetables in stews or tenderizer seasoning. Besides, it is industrialized in beverages, jelly, jam, ice cream or canned food.

The flavor is particular, the pulp tastes like strawberry or bananas, and the seeds give a spicy flavor to the pulp. The consistency is greasy, soft and juicy.

The black seeds can be ground and used to season salads or meat. The flavor is similar to mustard seeds.

Choosing Papaya:

The species that can easily adapt to pressure are the most delicious, the skin should not have spots and the color should be between yellow and red (the part where the sun has not reached would be green).

Papaya Properties:

The main component is water, followed by carbohydrates and with minerals as Potassium, Vitamin C and Pro-vitamin A. The contribution of fiber favors the intestinal evacuation.

It is important to remark that it has low proportions of the prosthetic enzyme (papaína) used to tenderize meat or make beer clearer. This enzyme stimulates the digestion and it really helpful for people that suffer from stomach problems such as heartburn and gastritis. And it helps to accelerate the slow digestion due to the consumption of meat. The papaya juice is very corrosive; therefore, people with sensitive skins that easily irritates and kids should be careful.

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