July 23, 2010


peruvian corn

First thing when I come to this neighborhood what comes to mind is where the hell will I park. Brickell has changed so much in the past 5 years, when I used to work at the Magazine there were no people walking around, now you have to elbow your way to everything around here.

My mission was to try this new place called Suviche, which from what I read is a combination of Sushi & Ceviche (genius!). I like this place so far because it is loacted in an ally, hidden, and I don't know what it is with hidden places but I always get the feeling the food will be better, maybe is because it makes me think of someone saying shhh, or like "keep it as a secret"

Ok so now I am inside Suviche, this restaurant is all about the mixture between Peruvian and Japanese cuisine. I wanted to venture out my usual neighborhoods, plus my mother is coming next week, and because my parents come to visit me probably 3 times a year, and my mom being the foodie that she is, nothing surprise her too much, much like a junkie that needs a stronger dose, so every time she comes to visit I need to have a plan for new bites around town.

Suviche is a small place, something that resembles to a loft, quite small and there are a bunch of guys at the sushi bar, meaning, I see right now 4 people working behind the sushi bar, and that is a lot of people I think for the eight tables they have (yep, I counted them). This could actually mean that probably there is a lot of care, I mean, with the servers, I think there could be one person working in here for every table as I see people behind the counter, people in the waiter station, people with chef uniforms...

sushi in miami

So I tried the lime roll for $4.50, crispy shrimp, cream cheese, salmon, and thin slices of lime on top. Well, the lime which at first I thought "please don't do that to me" ended up being an amazing little pinch of added flavor, which is rare to find some talent in this city in the affordable sushi department with restaurants trying to make sushi when they should be doing steak.

My second roll was the suviche roll, oh boy this roll came smothered with their house sauce which is a light mayo, quite savory I might add. The roll is so good, an excellent choice as a half order (4 pieces) for $5. Now try to look for good sushi at that price in this town.

Suviche, a quick look at their sushi rolls

I ordered their house  ceviche called "ceviche, suviche" which is ceviche marinated in fresh squeezed lime and their suviche signature sauce, served with corn and glazed potatoe. This one was very special, beautifully served on a glass, limey, not too strong on the lime, I like that. Then I had the ceviche Mexicano, now this one was my favorite, a lot of fine chopping went into the sauce, fresh avocados (the ones that are good quality).


I specially liked that the red onion did not come in big chunks as it does on other places, the onion can come in too strong when the pieces are big - at Suviche there is a lot of care on the food they prepare, you can totally see this on every dish they put out. The prices are very affordable for the quality of food, it is a friendly place, everyone was smiling and the service was excellent. What else can you ask for a place that the entire bill was less than $25 - Love it!




MIAMI, FL 33130

Mon thru Sat 11:30 am - 10:00 pm

TEL. 305-960-7097

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