April 01, 2014

Super Arepa


When it comes to fast food, most countries in South America have a version of a dish called an “arepa.” As most of us know, there is a huge South American influence scattered throughout our city of Miami. An arepa is basically a corn cake that is usually split open and stuffed with whatever a person desires. In this case, Super Arepa is serving their version of a Venezuelan arepa. While the arepas here are definitely hearty and overstuffed, I cannot say that I have been satisfied with what I have been served.

The picture provided definitely looks extremely enticing, but let me guarantee you that this is a case where the food is not as good as it looks. First of all, this arepa is extremely difficult to eat without having it break down on you. It is stuffed to the point of you not being able to get a bite of everything of the same time, so you basically have to start knife-and-forking the behemoth you are served before you can get a cohesive taste of what the dish is supposed to taste like. Individually, the things used to fill the arepa are not extremely flavorful, including a soupy pico de gallo, cheese that can stand being saltier, and rubbery and dry steak. By the time you get to actually taste the whole thing as a package, the juices from the pico de gallo have your arepa breaking down so all you have is a mess in front of you. I recommend that the place use a bit more restraint when filling their namesake items, because more is not necessarily better.

Most of the time, I can forgive decent service, but the service here is some of the worst I have encountered when it comes to counter service. There have been numerous times where I have asked for water and have been denied some because they “cannot serve water from the fountain because there is no filter and it is unsafe.” I have tried to inquire more about the situation and have always been met with negative attitudes and rudeness from the people who claim to be the owners. On top of that, the employees are unprofessional to the point where I have heard them speak ill of customers in plain site. Situations like this leave a sour taste and my mouth and make me not want to return.

Honestly, the food here is not horrible. I know that with a few adjustments, it might even be great. But even if it were great already, I would not see myself returning due to the experiences I have had with the service. There are better arepas with better service around the city where I rather spend my money.

Super Arepa

14417 SW 42 St

Miami, FL 33175

(786) 447-8626

By Food Blogger, Santiago Cardona


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