August 18, 2014

Seasalt And Pepper

Yes Seasalt And Pepper, let's talk about your food and service. You are expensive, you are current scene and your food was good and I have to say, your service was great which to a complete surprise after reading how much the entire city slashed you on that.

We went to Casablanca a few Sundays back. As we were having a seafood platter at Casablanca (which I hated it, all of the seafood was overcooked, it was like eating rubber), me and Paul kept looking at the people having fun at Seasalt And Pepper. Paul kept saying that everyone seemed to be having fun. We finished our mediocre wine and the pile of rubber at Casablanca and as two good foodies never willing to give up on a great dining experience we heard to Seasalt And Pepper.

We arrived at the door and an old man asked if we had reservations, we did not. He said to wait a moment and came back with great news, they had a few spots available inside at the bar. By the way, I think they hire that old man at the door to say the same thing to everyone making it more special that they had a spot for us. I mean, you can't fool me.

We sat at the other side of the bar section, in front of the dessert station and within 30 seconds we had a young (very Miami slash Justin Timberlake-type) approaching us. The place was packed because we were there during Miami Spice. He said hello and told us the bartender will be back with us shortly, and so he did.

Seasalt and Pepper food

Seasalt and Pepper mahi mahi

Seasalt and Pepper dessert

The places on front of us this gorgeous pita bread toasted to perfection, salted just right and with bits of parmesan cheese, we were happy already. Paul ordered the mahi mahi that came with potatoes and tasted a number 9, and that is a high rate coming from us. The for dessert we ordered chocolate something, you can see on the photo. It was beautifully presented and tasted like it looks.

The bartender/waiter was quick even under a lot of pressure as there were a million people on at the bar. He wasn't the most charming person we ever met but did his job quite right and for a restaurant that I thought I would never visit based on the reviews online, I give Seasalt And Pepper a thumbs up.

Seasalt And Pepper

422 NW North River Dr, Miami, FL 33128

By food blogger, Grace Della

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