November 23, 2010

Sea Bar, A New Restaurant On 4770 Biscayne Blvd. Miami



I run to try this new "Sea Bar Eat the sea" restaurant today as soon as I received the email from Thrillist in my inbox because actually the article was so funny that I literally chocked on my Bustelo coffee this morning. I thought to write an email to Thrillist to ask who wrote the masterpiece but the Thrillist people have never been a friendly bunch so I skipped it.

I first tried the Pulpo a la Gallega that when I took the first bite I looked at my husband (yep, we are both very much into octopus) and he nodded like "yes, this one is approved" and that means a lot because my husband is not the kind of person who shows much expressions - it's not a critique, that's how I like my man.

Now let me share with you some of the phrases that the genius writer did on his/her article this morning on Thrillist when describing the menu...

"and sauces like arriera (onions & peppers w/ a touch of soy) or talla (guajillo peppers, achiote, cilantro), or just get it blackened with a spice rub -- which is about all Beckham gets when Victoria's in one of her moods."

Okay that made me laugh abruptly, coffee came out of my nose, sorry to be so graphic but I got a kick out of that one....


Heaven, if you like octopus please drop everything you are doing, get into your car (or bike if you are into saving gas) and get to Sea Bar right now.


FIDEUA, assorted fresh seafood with egg noodles and saffron made to order

I remember eating the egg noodles paella back in the day at Salerios (okay nobody is going to remember that restaurant on Brickell but it brought me memories of when I was at Florida International Magazine). Amazing taste on the noodle department on this dish, the cons (I gotta spelled them because we paid $120+ on the dinner), on the seafood side they were weak ($26 dish), and so I expected a little bit more of clams, perhaps the ones that have more chunk in the truck, these ones were so small I almost swalloed the whole shell thinking that was the clam without the shell, never expecting them so tiny inside. The big two chunks were two colossal shrimps (I thank god for those ones) and the three clams and 4 other scallops were there but they did not steal the show if you know what I am trying to say here after 5o words and my fingers are getting tired, but listen, overall this dish is a great experience because the noodles have been the best ones I had on a fideua.

chocolate cake


Now I ordered a chocolate cake and I got this so I am not sure why would they put on their menu a "chocolate cake" and then bring you a cheesecake type of cake, that was odd but overall I am coming back to this place to have their octopus and try other dishes, I liked the atmosphere although I thought the waiters were too much over our table, but hey, they are the new kids on the block, they are trying and I certainly appreciate that. The chef was walking from table to table and at one point he made a joke to me about the ingredients of one of the dishes, I really didn't get the joke but his food overall kicked ass so he is forgiven - plus it is typical of me not getting jokes at the end of a meal as the bottle of wine is probably finished at that point.

Sea Bar

4770 Biscayne Blvd; Morningside; 786.439.3999

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