June 14, 2012

Sakaya Kitchen

This week is a whole new stage in my life and even though I leave things behind, what always stays with me is the passion for food. I am happy I have food as a companion, I admire food, I think food is art. I have gone through quite a bit of pain for the last year or so but now I feel I am getting liberated, I am happy to be back, I am happy to be free. Miami is such a wonderful place to live.

I am going to be bogging quite a lot from Midtown Miami, my new neighborrhood, and in fact, Midtown Miami is a relateviley new neighborhood in Miami.

The dish shown above is from Sakaya Kitchen, I am not very thrilled about this place because I always think they add additives to their food as it smells and taste so good, maybe I am wrong, I do not know, but the pork ribs were cooked just perfect. They had a good fat/meat ratio and they were charred cooked to perfection. The dish was huge for the price and the location, the brosels spriouts were to die for. The orange through me off, orange with pork and browsel sprouts I know many chefs are doing that nowadays but I can't care less.

the entire dish was on top of a bed of rice, which it is very Asian and I am okay with it, for me rice is less than bread but I'll take it.

The food at Sakaya kitchen came out fast with good delivery timing which is what I expect everywhere because I hate to wait for food.

Then I got temped with these pork Vietnamese version of a petite sandwich which is a classic I know at every Vietnamese place. It was good, sweet and salty, enough to feed anyone for lunch or for a flu snack in the middle of the day. I give this little sandwich a 7 because something was missing, not exactly sure what was missing but something certainly was.

Midtown Miami is a new neighborhood in Miami, and even though I was here two years ago because I worked here, I feel that I am discovering a whole new neighborhood all over again and I am happy about that.

By Miami Food Critic, Grace Della

Sakaya Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Sakaya Kitchen

3401 N Miami Ave

Miami, FL 33127

(305) 576-8096



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