April 20, 2014

Rotisserie Chicken at El Tambo Grill

tambo grill


If you know me, you know I love cooking and try to do so as much as possible. But just like any other person, there are days that just don’t allow for time to make yourself a meal. Whether it because I’m tired from work, need to get some stuff done around the house, or am honestly just feeling lazy, there are days where I just conform for takeout or eating out. Everyone has a go-to meal for days such as these, and mine happens to be rotisserie chicken. It is fairly healthy and a whole chicken leads to multiple meals. Besides, you can find it easily at many places and it is usually a sure bet that you are going to get at least something decent.

El Tambo Grill is a Peruvian restaurant in Kendall serving what might be one of the better rotisserie chickens in the city. For the uninformed, rotisserie-cooking is a method that involves placing the whole bird on a spick and letting it rotate in a temperature-stable oven, basically letting the bird cook in its own juices. This method leads to superior results than those coming from a roasted chicken, as the meat is practically keeping itself from dryness while achieving a crispy skin that is very rarely experienced in foods that are not fried. What you get is a chicken that is succulent and satisfying no matter what part you are eating. Once you sample a breast from a properly cooked rotisserie chicken, you will feel silly in ever having thought that chicken breast is inferior to dark meat. At Tambo Grill, they offer a proper execution of said chicken, which is seasoned in the typical spices found in most Peruvian chickens. The paprika, garlic, cumin, salt, pepper, and lemon in which the chicken finds its flavor combine to create what many consider to be the best chicken in the South Miami, especially at the price. A whole chicken, which is enough to feed a family of three or one very hungry food blogger, is extremely affordable to the point of not making this meal something that is considered a splurge. Instead, the price at which this bird is offered practically convinces you that the effort and time put into making a home-cooked meal is not worth it. When combined with the homemade green sauce, the chicken is addicting, making you eat more pieces than you intended to in the first place. The green sauce is an elixir coming from the very latin mix of jalapeños, cilantro, and spices. The sauce amplifies the flavor of the already juicy chicken by making an already complex bite of food even that much more alluring by adding elements of heat and freshness from the herbs.

Walk into this small place and prepare to be blown away by something as unassuming as chicken. Before you come, know that you will experience less than stellar service and a packed house. But please do not take it personal, as the chicken is good enough to justify the wait. Instead, just order take-out and enjoy a simple, yet complex, meal of Peruvian chicken.

 Tambo Grill

7118 SW 117th Ave
Miami, FL 33183
(786) 709-9943

By food blogger, Santiago Cardona


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