November 19, 2017

Rosé Piscine, The French Rosé Made To Be Served Over Ice, Arrives In South Florida

With a seductive aroma and unique flavor profile, this French rosé is perfect from beach to table

Rosé Piscine, the original still rosé specifically made to drink over ice, has found its way to South Florida. Recently launched onto the U.S. market, Rosé Piscine is well established in France and Brazil, in which markets close to 2 million bottles were sold this year.

Made by Pascal Nacenta with the native Negrette grape of South West France and produced by Vinovalie - all of the fruit used in the wine is sourced from the owners’ vineyards in the region, resulting in a seductive aroma and a unique flavor profile that is brought to life over ice.

In the South of France when serving any still rosé over ice, traditionally in a cognac snifter, it is called "rosé à la piscine." The cognac snifter is so large compared to a typical rosé wine glass that Brigitte Bardot once famously remarked that it resembled a swimming pool, the French word for which is piscine, thus giving rise to the term "à la piscine." Brigitte Bardot and her then husband, international playboy Gunter Sachs, drank their rosé and champagne piscine-style in 1960s St Tropez, a place that they helped to put on the jet-set map.

A traditional rosé served piscine-style, over ice, is extremely refreshing, but it will lose its structure with the melting ice, eventually becoming plain in aroma and unidimensional in flavor. This inspired Vinovalie’s Jacques Tranier to create the first French rosé specifically made to drink over ice, which in turn would also do away with the need to pre-chill or maintain the bottle in an ice bucket. Tranier named the new product Rosé Piscine, recalling to the term coined by Bardot in St Tropez. The appearance of Vinovalie’s Rosé Piscine is perfectly clear with a light pink color and it has an aroma of white flowers and lychee, surprisingly bright acidity, and a round and supple finish.

Rosé Piscine’s unique packaging concept was inspired by the azure blue of the Mediterranean Sea and Côte d'Azur. Uncompromising and elegant, yet fun, Rosé Piscine adapts seamlessly to all occasions from day to night, from beach to table, always on the rocks.

About Rosé Piscine and Altitude Capital Trading, LLC

Altitude Capital Trading, LLC (dba Rosé Piscine USA) is the exclusive US importer and US brand owner of Rosé Piscine. The Company maintains offices in Miami and New York and warehouses product in New Jersey and Florida.

Rosé Piscine

Information provided by Heidi Malaret, TARA, Ink.


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