April 20, 2016

Robert is here, fruit stand in Homestead

After 30+ years living in the South Florida area, I finally visited Robert is here, fruit stand in Homestead. I used to live in Homestead a few years back and sometimes I would drive by this place not knowing what it was or why was there tourist buses parked in front. Then recently, I started seeing Robert is here in my social media pages and I was intrigued. So, I started following Robert is Here Fruit Stand on social media.

I decided to go with my son a few Saturday’s ago, I didn’t want to go alone as it is a 30 minute drive from where I live. I was excited to go there and try their famous milkshakes. I have heard people rave about the milkshakes. The drive is pretty easy, there are many routes to Robert is here. I wanted to take scenic route, therefore I took Krome Avenue. Besides now a day with the GPS you will have no issues getting to your destination.

We arrived to our destination, there were a lot of cars but you will have no issues finding parking space. Throughout the premise you will see family members who are wearing red shirts greeting the customers which I thought it was a nice touch. The first thing you notice as you get closer to the building is the colorful fruit in front of the store. I mean they have every kind of fruit and produce. We decided to start our mini tour by making the line for milkshakes, there was a line but nothing compared the lines that I experienced when I went to Knaus Berry Farm in the Redlands.

Once you make the line for the milkshakes, you will see the flavors that are available posted on the wall; they have every kind of milkshake made with fresh fruit and your choice of milk or water. All the flavors sounded great, including some exotic flavor such as Tamarind, Guanabana, Strawberry, Passion fruit, but I decided to order a Guanabana milkshake and my son order a strawberry and kiwi milkshake. Each milkshake cost $5.50 which is a great price once you see the size of the cups. I mean, it was a big cup.

My son was pleased with his milkshake, unfortunately, mine had too many crushed seeds from the Guanabana, not sure if they take the whole fruit and put it in the blender. I just didn’t enjoy having to spit every sip the pieces of seeds. But the flavor and thickness of the Guanabana shake was really good.

We then decided to walk around and see what type of produce and other goodies they have for sale. We were impressed by the variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. Exotic fruit too, like dragon fruit; I had never see this type of fruit. They have sugar cane sticks, coconuts, boiled peanuts, fresh homemade salsa and homemade guacamole. There are shelves with Robert is Here Jams, Jellies, Honey, Hot Sauce (different flavors too).


By the way, the Salsa and Guacamole have no preservatives are they are made right there on premise. We ended buying the salsa and chips which they also sell. You can try their salsa and guacamole with chips before you buy it too.

Mr. Robert Moheling was manning the cash register that we happened to pay at, having seen his picture in social media, I asked him if he was Robert and smiled and said yes. I told him that I follow him on my social media and he said that ever since he published his book, it has been crazy busy. I was impressed that he did not use the cash register or calculator to add up our items but instead used a brown paper bag to write by hand the prices of the items that we were purchasing and tally them up. Very old fashion.

If you take a driver there don’t expect anything fancy. It is a building on a dirt road with a surrounding farm. They have a small petting zoo in the back and a small water play area for young kids. They have picnic tables in the back where you can sit down and enjoy whatever goodies you might have purchased from them.

In my opinion, it is quaint fruit stand that offers fresh fruit, exotic ones too, milkshakes, homemade products, to eat and use. I enjoyed my visit there and will probably end up going there soon as the hot sauce that my son purchased from them is all gone. The best part for me at least, is the history that his building and the family continues to build.


  • They accept credit cards/Debit cards
  • Not expensive
  • No long lines
  • Petting zoo and small water park for young kids
  • Picnic area for eating
  • Free samplings


  • Guanabana shake had cracked seeds

This is a great place to guy locally grown produce and you will feel good knowing that you are supporting a local business that has been established in Homestead since 1959.

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